A new round of trials open inverter business how to lead

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) with the “6˙30” first batch of Datong coal mining district after the national grid-connected PV advanced technology demonstration bases as scheduled, China ushered in a new wave of demonstration base of leader, this time a total of 8 base, overall size is 5.5GW. Recently, including Shanxi, Jiangsu PV leader in some areas, bidding and selection work, called PV leader tryouts, this “match” will help local governments selected, promoting technological progress, reduce electricity costs, in order to achieve parity power.

As the key equipment of PV power station, chose to become the top priority of the inverter, the first photovoltaic demonstration base in Datong coal mining subsidence area 2015 project documentation requirements, the inverter should be at zero voltage crossing feature, the highest conversion efficiency of not less than 99%, Chinese efficiency not less than 98.2%. According to the scale certification issued by China quality certification center and business directory, there are 25 inverter products qualify for the first grid-connected inverter “leader”.

Where there is sunshine, there will be shadows, PV inverter market appear to be “a bright future”, in fact, still have the problem not to be ignored. In recent years, such as the Ministry of the PV manufacturing industry conditions, photovoltaic leader constantly blessing of planning policies, but the overall performance of the inverter market is still not satisfactory. Inverter for more enterprises, meet the specifications just qualifying, corporate sustainability leaders, key depends on the quality of products.

Shadow in the Sun PV inverter quality storage worries

In March 2015, Northwest of spontaneous combustion of a PV inverter industry uproar, Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission researcher, Director of the China renewable energy society said after Wang Si investigation into Northwest power station, 40% power station fire was caused by DC arc, and as the direct current into alternating current photovoltaic inverter to bear the brunt of the work.

Also, last year national quality General announced of inverse variable device products checks results, again once will inverse variable device industry of Asia health state is now industry before: quality General checks has 55 batch PV grid inverse variable device products, checks results displayed has 14 batch products not meet standard of provides, involves rated entered output, and harmonic and waveform distortion, and power factor, and DC component, and had/owes pressure protection project, products rate not to 80%.

PV inverter performance is directly related to plant operation and life quality, the survey results inevitably lead to industry on the PV inverter can be ensure power station 25 smooth-running concerns. Assistant Lu Chen Yu of China electrical equipment industry association says, “compared with the inverter market abroad, domestic PV inverter industry concentration is low. From quality technically, because the Terminal market started relatively late, generally small-scale PV inverter manufacturer, structure, process, performance, stability, etc with first-class foreign enterprises have some gaps. Only some of the leading enterprise development fast and into Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other foreign markets. ”

More people in the industry say that “at present the quality level of the inverter is worrying, large quality gap with foreign brands and products, mainly not because domestic manufacturers cannot make a high quality product, lowest bid led to the project domestic manufacturers have to sacrifice quality to get the price objective. ”

It is understood that good quality, high efficiency inverter PV system’s output is higher, inverter brands into efficiency is above 96%; poor quality and low efficiency of the inverter it will detract from the system, and most of these conversion efficiency of the inverter is only 90% or even lower, there is a difference between quality and poor quality products. Part does not have the technical capacity of enterprises through the price war to gain market share, not only damage the industry as a whole image, also pose a threat on the station.

Run won 25 Marathon win by quality

Entered the era of electricity subsidy, PV inverter and the quality of life and income is directly related to the power stations. Photovoltaic plant’s 25-year run as a marathon, how to beat the game? Most enterprises have realized, the expense of the quality of products to lower prices more harm than good, rational enterprises through technological innovation to improve product effectiveness, establishing enterprise standard to check the quality of products.

In fact, high quality PV inverter can run for more than 20 years. Earlier media reports, Germany Hesse and a home power generation project using the inverter has been running for nearly 23 years, it is understood that the inverter is SMA PV-WR1800 products.

A new round of trials open inverter business how to lead?

First series PV-WR1800 SMA inverters

According to power plant owners, Dieter Frosch introduced since 1993, and in his two PV-WR1800 inverter PV system up and running, so far, has issued more than 20,000-kilowatt of solar power, there is little problem for more than 20 years.

This inverter longevity secrets and SMA focus on product quality control are not unrelated, according to product manager, SMA products in addition to meet national standards, but also meet the SMA standard, tested until after listing. Not only that, but the causes of technology innovation and be viable in the SMA, it is understood that SMA in 2015, spending on technology research and development of € 99.2 million, based on publicly available data, SMA 2015 999.6 million euros in sales.

The industry believes that, compared with foreign inverter, inverter does not fall downwind of enterprise technology innovation in our country, but in terms of craftsmanship, reliability, and still some gaps with international first-class enterprise, needs to further upgrade.

PV inverter industry development in our country, in the product price and the size of the market more and more has the right to speak, and the healthy development of the industry, depends on its progress, opening of the leader in a new round of base, suggesting a step to the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry in China, and to improve product quality and ensure the quality of products, thought to inverter company.

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