Abandon wind up there is little substantive difference green hair can be submitted

Polaris solar PV net news: on August 23, the National Energy Board on the 2015 national renewable energy development, renewable energy power in the provinces and the proportion of non-hydroelectric renewable power to dissolve, as well as renewable power. This is exploitation and utilization of renewable energy in national energy Board first announced the annual monitoring and evaluation of results.

The 2015 national renewable electricity development monitoring and evaluation report published data show that 2015 renewable energy generation limited “Thirteen-Five” during the development of non-renewable water task is very difficult. Environmental public interest litigation settlement abandoned environmental groups plan to wind up light problem.

“The goal will not sit idly by in vain”

Reports indicate that in 2015, including water and electricity, and when the total amount of renewable power to dissolve 1.3625 trillion-kilowatt, accounted for the proportion of electricity consumption of the whole society at 24.5%. National non-hydro renewable electricity when the absorptive capacity of 277.8 billion-kilowatt, accounting for about 5% of electricity consumption of the whole society.

“5% is what? Is the provincial electricity consumption of a medium-developed provinces in China. “The Vice President of the China renewable energy society Meng Xiangan said that after ten years of development, non-renewable water has formed a certain scale, but the task is still daunting.

According to published in February this year, the National Energy Board to establish renewable energy goals guide the system’s guidance, 2020 renewable power to dissolve non-water target needed to achieve 9% of the electricity consumption of the whole society, to non-fossil fuel energy structure of the primary energy consumption reached 15% development goal. Comparison guide non-water system the provinces set out in 2020 renewable energy goal and 2015 provincial status can be found in the report, only standard between Ningxia and Qinghai, Shaanxi, Liaoning and Hainan gap in half.

August 23, Xinhua reported that the development of non-renewable water in most provinces in the “Thirteen-Five” period under pressure, laxity, targets are in danger of fall. “In the face of international and domestic pressure, pressure of energy saving and sustainable economic and social pressures, the party and the Government will not allow the target nothing happens, and provinces should be early efforts, promoting renewable energy, not in a passive situation. ”

Meng Xiangan told reporters that data released this report to the community, in fact also have statistics in previous years. In previous years, undisclosed causes, a trio of master data from different statistical sources, data are different. In addition, “that number is too small in the past, announced no use”, and now “have little basis.”

In photovoltaic power generation, for example in 2011, when generating capacity of about 700 million-kilowatt, “(share) is almost zero.” By the end of 2015, the report said, PV 43.18 million-kilowatt, when the electricity 39.2 billion-kilowatt, 0.7% of the total generating capacity.

Furthermore, by the end of 2015, the national hydropower installed capacity (excluding pumped storage) to 300 million kilowatts, when electricity 1.0985 trillion-kilowatt, 19.6% of the total electricity generation; wind power installed capacity to 129 million kilowatts, when electricity 186.3 billion-kilowatt, 3.3% of the total electricity generation; biomass power generation installed capacity of 10.31 million-kilowatt, when the electricity 52.7 billion-kilowatt, 0.9% of the total generating capacity. National renewable energy total 480 million kW in installed capacity.

Guide the system also calls for the establishment of renewable energy development and utilization monitoring and evaluation system requires the provincial energy departments, regularly submit relevant data, the National Energy Board by publishing an annual monitoring and evaluation of results.

National abandoned when wind power Super 30 billion-kilowatt

China has entered the era of excess, present serious abandon wind up light inhibits the development of renewable energy.

This report on the output of renewable energy generation limited status:

2015 up wind power situation is grim, abandoned the country when that wind power 33.9 billion-kilowatt, rose 21.3 billion-kilowatt, one, Gansu abandon, abandoned when the wind power 8.2 billion-kilowatt wind 39%, Xinjiang to abandon, abandoned when the wind power 7 billion-kilowatt wind 32%, Jilin abandon, abandoned when the wind power 2.7 billion-kilowatt wind 32%, Inner Mongolia abandoned, abandoned when the wind power 9.1 billion-kilowatt wind 18%.

Appeared to abandon optical phenomena in the Northwest region, Gansu province, which left electro-optical 2.6 billion-kilowatt, abandon rates 31%, abandoned when the electro-optical 1.8 billion-kilowatt in Xinjiang, abandon rates 26%.

“Can solve the problem of abandoned light wind up, is an important content of the modified, more sign of success is a measure of electrical modification. “According to the China Wind Energy Association estimated Qin Haiyan, abandoned when that wind power becomes 33.9 billion-kilowatt, and caused direct economic loss of 16.95 billion yuan. Calculated in accordance with 1 kilograms of standard coal of 3 degrees, the loss of this part of the wind turbine needs to burn 11.35 million tons of standard coal, “had to bear an additional 34 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and bring pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust damage.”

Qin Haiyan told reporters that abandoned the wind problem is due to the existing power systems do not match with the new energy type, essentially benefit coordination mechanism. “Under the current system, thermal power for electricity planning by the Government each year, forming a de facto right of first generation, squeeze on renewable energy development. “Many wind turbine manufacturers have abandoned wind losses, operational difficulties.

Meng Xiangan believes that power market reform has several secondary conditions, first of all is to ensure that the right to priority for renewable power generation. Current policies, but lack a powerful Agency in the implementation of integrated and balanced interests.

“Renewable energy law clearly stipulates that national energy Administration Department is responsible for the management of the national renewable energy. Problem is that now we do not have such an Energy Department, only an Energy Council, its level is lower than the other ministries. ”

Green will be submitted for environmental public interest litigation

Environmental public interest organizations have prepared through legal channels to abandon wind up light problem, promote the development of new energy sources.

Recently, the China biodiversity conservation and Green Development Foundation (the green) wrote to the State grid Corporation. Said in the letter: “recent organizations reflects the State grid electric power company as much as serious ‘ abandon wind up ‘ behavior so local wind power, photovoltaic industry development limited, coal-fired power generation emissions, issues such as air pollution, national grid company attention and solved. ”

National grid has not yet responded to the letter. Green hair head Ma Yong told reporters, if not responding effectively to launch environmental public interest litigation.

If the lawsuit is inadmissible, needs to abandon abandoned power to assess ecological damage caused by the wind. At present, the relevant material is already in preparation. “We have a lot of data. …… Not a fight, we get a lot of support and help. “Ma Yong said.

People’s Republic of China renewable energy law “fully guaranteeing the purchasing renewable power generation system” requires grid companies should work with grid-connected renewable energy companies signed agreements and acquisitions within its network coverage in full conformity with technical standards for grid-connected electricity of grid-connected renewable energy projects. Accordingly, the green hair is of the view that energy structure around the national grid for electricity generation to seize the initiative, the use of renewable energy situation bears some responsibility for

“We remind them to carry out their duties. …… From the subjective, of course, we also do not want to use litigation to resolve. If the power grid can make some substantial changes, making some reasonable proportion of clean energy, this is what we wish to see. “Ma Yong said hopes that action called for society to abandon wind up phenomenon, focusing on renewable energy development.

Original title: national renewable energy annual data published for the first time: abandon wind up light situation

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