Analysis of the development of renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou

Polaris solar PV net news: “planting a grain of millet, the autumn harvest.” On July 26, 2015 approved renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou, which have in the past one year. Last year, demonstration areas when there is no successful example can learn from the case, from paper concepts to form a clear idea, from better vision to the introduction of specific programmes, energy giant come at home and abroad, the new energy projects have been launched … … Renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou is toward “dilemma (full, the entire process), both high (high tech, high aggregation), borderline (copy, show)” target steadily forward.

Planning first built up the business

“Hua Li Jing was invited to day, everything is hard in the world”. Renewable energy demonstration area as a new thing, no success at home and abroad can learn from, demonstration area what to build and how to build it? Faced with these problems, the municipal party Committee and municipal government built up from the start, find the demonstration area “master valve”.

Driven by County, Zhangjiakou City, the establishment of the leading group, opened an Office, clear lead departments and specific tasks; employ renewable energy demonstration area of eminent experts in the field of the establishment of the Expert Advisory Committee, Olympic welcome Solar corridor leading group, Olympic welcome Solar corridor Advisory Committee of experts.

To better of guide model district science construction, County, Zhangjiakou City, focused on perfect top layer design, arrangements city NDRC led developed has on speed up advance County, Zhangjiakou City, can renewable energy model district construction 2016 degrees work of notification; prepared has can renewable energy model district construction action plans (2015-2017), and solar resources utilization planning, and County, Zhangjiakou City, Beijing Zhang Olympic welcome bin corridor PV planning report, and County, Zhangjiakou City, million kW level PV power base and the “lead who” plans planning , And Zhangjiakou can renewable energy model district sent lost storage with “Thirteen-Five” Planning (containing low carbon Olympic area planning booklet) and can renewable energy model district construction on grid planning development of needs assessment; city live built Council, and Planning Council joint issued has “scale development solar hot system and building integration application”, series guide sex file, for model district health development provides has science according to.

While, for specification can renewable energy resources of development, municipal, and municipal government issued has on further strengthening can renewable energy development construction management of notification, introduced has County, Zhangjiakou City, solar PV utilization management approach and Beijing Zhang Olympic welcome bin corridor PV project management approach, on city of wind and solar resources implemented has concentrated unified management, set has access conditions, specification has development program, effective put an end to has mess batch which built phenomenon and privately reselling resources of behavior.

Phoenix flowers

“The high building from the ground. “Foundations of the demonstration area where? Is a lot of exploitation and utilization of renewable energy projects. Because of this, County, Zhangjiakou City, relying on the demonstration area of this chance, Phoenix, pay close attention to the project, achieving a renewable energy promotion of industrial-strength.

“Ask Canal that was clear, as a source.” Expand the visibility and influence of demonstration area, County, Zhangjiakou City, organizing press conferences, the first Zhangjiakou senior renewable energy development strategy workshop, renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou City application project descriptions of innovation and startup ceremony of the three-year action plan; participated in 2016 international clean energy Expo China, successfully hosted the MidAmerican transition and cooperation forum-wisdom energy seminar in Zhangjiakou in 2016. In particular, the ongoing construction of demonstration area of the exhibition hall, will build a demonstration area high-end exhibition platform. Meanwhile, County, Zhangjiakou City, introduced a quantitative optimization of wind, light manufacturers two solutions, signed a year the introduction of Tianjin, Central, new energy to the three gorges, the giant group, TBEA, goldwind, Sun technology, Tangshan, haitai, ja group large enterprises more than 30 companies.

Facilitated by the many positive factors, demonstration area of innovation in a variety of new renewable energy development patterns. Cooperation with the State grid energy conservation company, promote the development of renewable energy scale, the base, city cleaning heating and energy-saving data center, smart city infrastructure and other development, building a new energy fields to develop new models. Cooperation with the yili group, PV projects and poverty alleviation, the beautiful countryside construction, green agriculture, animal husbandry and land management package combining zhangbei in the pilot, to create “PV +” new model. Partnership with the Hulk, in kangbao County, planning and construction of photovoltaic + high-tech demonstration zone of agricultural integration of animal husbandry, agriculture and livestock farming, processing and marketing company was established, set up China’s space breeding academician workstation, based on a giant health products sector sales network to ensure agricultural products sales channels, creating the true meaning of photovoltaic, continuing economic benefits in conjunction with agriculture and animal husbandry demonstration area.

As of now, the city’s wind power installed capacity 7.58 million-kilowatt, grid-connected 7.28 million-kilowatt; 1.53 million-kilowatt PV, grid-connected 1.13 million-kilowatt; grid-connected biomass power generation installed capacity 25,000 kW total installed capacity among the forefront.

Pioneering breakthrough the bottleneck

“Morning glory qianniubizi”. As the first set up by the State Council approved renewable energy demonstration area, County, Zhangjiakou City, were meant to be in the domestic renewable energy industry institutional mechanisms, technological innovation, the key to achieve the first test, especially in the renewable energy field trip to dissolve the new path.

Renewable energy output and to dissolve is the bottleneck of development. Zhangjiakou City innovation, increase the proportion of renewable energy to dissolve on the spot, go out a new path of scientific development. Advance electric heating model engineering, currently has completed 470,000 square meters electric heating engineering; Hebei built hospital 400,000 square meters heating project this year summer starts construction, end of Qian grid power heating; million base three period wind electric project all supporting arrangements has electric heating task; next County, Zhangjiakou City, will according to first City County main city, and industrial park, Hou rural residents of principles gradually advance, first in new community, and concentrated heating tube network to radiation of regional promotion used electric heating way, strive to end of breakthrough 2 million square meters. Addition also advance big data, and cloud computing project used new energy straight purchased electric way, build “China number dam” base, 2016 cloud computing industry base take shape, data center scale reached 300,000 Taiwan server, elimination na power about 1.2 billion-kilowatt Shi, 2018 years preliminary built domestic first-class of data center industry base, gathered a both at home and abroad leading enterprise of regional development center and service center, data center scale reached 1 million Taiwan server, elimination na power about 4 billion-kilowatt Shi.

While, County, Zhangjiakou City, vigorously advance pure electric bus, and corporate car, and taxi, and sanitation and post car, nine class special vehicles of universal using, currently city has pure electric bus 1056 standard Taiwan, strive to 2016 again added pure electric 1796 standard Taiwan; currently County, Zhangjiakou City, electric based facilities construction planning prepared completed, planning to 2020 years construction charging station 861 a, and charging pile 12,862 a, now has built charging station 9 a, and charging pile more than 800 multiple. Advancing hydrogen production from wind power, guyuan wind hydrogen project 200,000-kilowatt grid-connected wind power generation, hydrogen production plant completed tenders, is expected to start in August; Chong Li scenery coupled hydrogen project is working on the preliminary procedures, strive for years to approve.

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