Beilun district Ningbo Zhejiang a solar energy company producing fake RAGGIE

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, Wu and beilun RAGGIE trademark counterfeiting is a solar company, beilun district market surveillance authority investigation. This is the 7th Council have recently seized cases of trademark infringement.

It is understood that the profiteers, dealer Wu colluded in beilun, a solar energy company, RAGGIE brand solar panels. Market supervision administration of beilun district recently received report said beilun, a solar energy company trademark infringement. Row of touch, in the solar energy company located in a small street within a place of business in Hong Kong, law enforcement officers seized 110 solar panels marked with RAGGIE trademark. Identified by the right person, these solar panels are counterfeit RAGGIE trademark products, goods worth more than 40,000 yuan.

According to the survey, Wu was unable to provide a valid trademark certificate and authorization certificate with beilun, a solar power company signed a contract, entrusted with the solar production 110 marked RAGGIE brand solar panels, solar panels and intends to be sold abroad. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the trademark law, market supervision and administration, beilun District ordered the parties to cease immediately violations, confiscated 110 solar panels, and a fine of 200,000 yuan Wu, a solar energy company in beilun fine of 190,000 yuan.

“Driven by high profits, business tort or malpractice in fake brand-name products despite repeated prohibitions. “The market, beilun district administration official told me that trademarks have the function of identifying the source of goods, the trademark law to ban unfair imitation and safeguarding fair competition as the stand, protection of the trademark’s distinctive. “This is in order to protect the trademark goodwill hosted by, but also to prevent the public from being misled. “The head to remind business owners, trademark infringement of non-trivial, enterprises don’t take a chance, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

It is reported that the first 6 months of the year, market supervision and administration, beilun district has been investigating 22 cases of trademark infringement.

Original title: trademark infringement non-trivial

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