Comrades need to work hard Samsung Z1 evaluation

Samsung Tizen system developed for a long period of time, while Samsung Tizen is hard to establish their own ecosystem, including the smart watch and smart TV, Z1 Tizen system phone having experienced countless bounce was officially released, Z1 depend on selling price of $ 90 is a start from the low end phone.

Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation


120.4 x 63.2 x 9.7mm,112g, black/white/red body;

Tizen OS operating system;

Dual-core 1.2GHz CPU,750MB RAM,4GB internal storage, support up to 64GB SD card expansion memory;

4-inch WVGA (480×800) 16 million color screen;

Post 3.1 million pixel camera (without autofocus), 300,000 pixels front camera

GPS/GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.1, 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n;

Comes with a 1500 mAh battery

Support dual SIM dual standby, WCDMA, GSM.


Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation

In spit slot specifications zhiqian, also is first to see appearance’s, Z1 is a Taiwan first eye see on feel to thick of Samsung breath of phone, regardless of is overall styling also is press layout, screen are below of home page key (Z1 of home page key is square, and Samsung General home page key is rectangular or flat of shape) and hidden type touch control press is Samsung appearance design maximum of features, phone positive above can saw Samsung logo and DUOS of logo, means with Z1 support dual SIM double stay, Openings on the forehead will be significantly reduced, next to the earpiece was only a front-facing camera.

Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation

3.1 million pixel camera equipped with a LED on the back of fill light on the other side in order to put a symmetric speakers, around the rest of the fuselage was conventional power button and volume buttons and interfaces.

Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation

Not out accident, Z1 of fuselage by plastic made, but consider to low of price, Z1 also is quite was impression deep of: machine work is solid, back although can demolition plastic tablets, but no half cheap sense, and holds holding up also is firm (although machine size also compared small), power press and volume press by with also is will issued Ka da Ka da of voice, reminded with user this is a Taiwan cheap phone, but overall, Z1 of appearance design and work is quite good of. Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case


Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation

As the phone’s “face”, and we are very pleased to see the Z1 didn’t cut corners on the screen, standard 4 inch WVGA resolution retinal standards far away from the point, but this one has a good brightness the screen expression.

Although it is said, but the Z1 and not equipped with light sensors, which means that automatically adjust the screen brightness is not, in order to solve from the indoor to the outdoor screen readability problem caused by environmental change, the Z1 ‘s notification bar has a “outside model” switch, open the brightness on the screen after upgrade to ensure that outdoor visibility.

But this block screen even is in not opened “outdoor mode” of situation Xia also can provides very full of brightness, in outdoor reading also no any pressure, and this block screen of Visual angle also super big, transform various angle see past also nothing color offset, screen of compared degrees also far in this price of intelligent phone of average level above, but for see habits flagship intelligent phone of people for, this block screen for they for also is like jungle in of leaves General look that forget of.


Yes, Z1, post-3.1 million pixel cameras do not support autofocus, but don’t be disappointed, after all, the Z1 positioning and pricing there, cameras shrink water it’s not unacceptable, moreover, this camera in good light circumstances are quite worthy of that 3.1 million pixel parameters, at least not as bad as we thought.

VGA resolution front-facing camera … … To tell the truth very bad, and even current photographic effect.

Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation

Photos UI UI of Android phone with Samsung’s own Galaxy series, packed with icons on the small screen, the Z1 and rear-mounted cameras support panoramic mode self-timer mode, the latter theory is that 2 seconds after the face is detected, triggers the shutter release to take photos, set menu or you can adjust the white balance, image resolution, set geographic labels or volume keys function.

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Finally to has focus has–for such positioning of a Taiwan low-end phone, its using of new system is we most interested in of place, and not has how good of screen and camera and performance, Z1 is first run Tizen operating system of intelligent phone, and even so, in Z1 listed of short one week within, Samsung also is diligent to for Z1 push sent has two times system update to upgrade user experience.

Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation

At first glance, Z1 system and it looks like Samsung exudes thick taste, UI design, and Samsung Android phone without too much noticeable difference in the black screen States press the home button to wake up the phone, unlock the interface right corner a camera shortcut, but once you unlock access to the system, differences began to really reflect.

Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation

Tizen of based natural is main screen interface has, main screen Shang put with series of shortcuts and small parts, screen bottom also has a DOCK bar, inside row with 8 a shortcuts icon (Yes is 8 a), from DOCK Shang designated is into “application drawer” (let so called it’s), main screen of number can for edit, and as long as you willing to, can with small parts will each a a main screen are plug full, phone pre-installed of small parts including calendar, and contact, and FM radio, and alarm clock, and figure library , Internet, music, weather, and world clock.

Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation

Tizen of the status bar, and Android is similar, but the status bar icon is not the same as the order, icon is in the lower right corner of the notification class, the network icon is placed in the upper-left corner, right in the middle is the clock. Status bar to drop down, pull down that notice list, and a quick control button, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and at the top of super power-saving mode (but not to be able to customize these shortcuts), is the brightness control slider at the bottom switch to appreciate is the place for displaying the notice.

Click on the notification you can directly start the corresponding application, slide from left to right in the notification notification can be eliminated, however each notification does not like Android is extendable, but since Tizen of the system in the hands of Samsung, Samsung join the features are basically is a matter of time, and notifications will not disappear unless the user opens the view or eliminated. Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case
Comrades need to work hard, Samsung Z1 evaluation

When mobile phones first started, users can choose to visit the Samsung account, add an e-mail account or DropBox account Tizen system also supports Google’s and Microsoft’s email account, after login you can sync contacts and calendars, of course, these things can also be synchronized through the Samsung account, log into DropBox also will get one year free 48GB online store.

Tizen system although is “new”, but function sex aspects is is surprisingly of complete, good’s in consider to Tizen phone development has so long of premise Xia may surprise, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth and USB network share function are is mature, System internal also has theme function, can change interface of color scheme and icon, even Samsung Android phone Shang wide by praise of Super province electric mode also has joined, and Tizen also can set default keyboard– Currently Tizen system there is no third-party keyboard, of course.

There is also a serious problem: Tizen does not support multitasking? What to know when I OS and w p out, do not have this ability. Answer is supported by Tizen support • multitasking, just like Android, APP is still running in the background, and Tizen don’t seem to eat memory, even if it is only 750MB of RAM, switch back and forth between multiple APP or APP overload situations.

For Tizen system, personal think missing of is a application internal of menu button has, this also makes to wants to in application internal opened menu, must to with capacitor menu button, lift a example for’s, in Gallery application among, if wants to share pictures or delete pictures, is need click entity menu button for operation, and in system internal no any of tips, for with habits function machine of people for may not is what problem, But from my Android to Tizen system users, this might not feel too good.


To evaluation a paragraph intelligent system whether success, most intuitive of is to see this system has how many APP,Tizen system to download third party application must using built-in of Tizen Store, and from currently Tizen Store among application of number view, also is quite was surprised of, original health of APP has has quite considerable of number, and also has for Z1 currently listed market (is India) specifically development of application, like India times, and PayTM (online calls recharge tool) , TureCaller, Gameloft game company has not yet even Tizen developed the little yellow guy running game, it appears that Samsung for support under this new system, but a lot of cost.

In addition, WhatsApp, but this APP is actually OpenACL version of Android running on an emulator application OpenACL Simulator in Tizen and WhatsApp can be directly downloaded in the app store, which means that users do not need to run with Sideload Android APP, the first time you add OpenACL support, can be used as primary Tizen General.

But said truth, currently Tizen APP of number also is is lack, although such as Facebook and YouTube are has, but these APP of nature also is with application appearance packaging up of page version, Tizen application less also no wonder Samsung, but Tizen system for such as Facebook such of big development who for value worth have development exclusive of application is also is depends on Tizen of performance and developers of attitude has.

More bad of is, Samsung this of Tizen phone is oriented low-end market of, this natural not errors, even said is is insurance of practices, problem out in application developers side, application development who to seek profit, natural will hope himself of APP using charges download of mode provides, and Tizen application store in many application natural also not free of, and in a future is not clear even even can get developers of note of system upper and lower bet natural also no too big meaning.


Tizen as new of operating system, for hardware of requirements natural also on than currently has is bloated of iOS and Android to low have more, so despite Z1 of hardware listening to up nothing performance, but operation of smooth degrees also is quite excellent of, at least seconds killed off same price of Android phone no what pressure, challenge Xia price more high of Android phone also didn’t problem, application started of speed and run of smooth degrees are quite good, But when I open some APP will have a 1-2 seconds to load, but once after the opening, fluency has nothing to complain about.

Actually, for a Taiwan this price of phone for, Z1 of performance does enough good has, even in some when Note 4 will Caton of place Z1 also not Caton, installation application of time is long, but installation finished on finished, small yellow people run of game run smooth degrees also enough to and more high performance of equipment than see, in pre-installed of Nokia HERE map Shang zoom narrowed also very very Shun sliding smooth.

Built-in of browser performance also out its expected to good, page contains into quickly, scroll smooth, and for most website of compatibility are quite good, in page completely contains into zhiqian scroll page does will card meal, but once contains into finished on is smooth has, this is for a Taiwan from within outer are by Samsung manufacturing and only sale 90 dollars of phone for enough good has, Z1 provides of experience even than low-end of Galaxy series phone better, People can not help but YY Tizen system on high performance hardware platform to the experience.

Battery life:

Z1 of battery only 1500 Ma, this battery capacity is is not looks, despite Samsung has as to let Tizen light quantitative, but Z1 of battery range still performance General, in in the to heavy degrees using situation Xia, with Shang a all day somewhat pressure, and this also just insert 1 Zhang SIM card of situation, and a night of standby will consumption off 8%~9% of power, other of phone consumption off 2% of power has is sky of has.

Thankfully, Samsung super power-saving mode that is still able to effectively extend the time of Z1, limits its application to open, turn off background data and connection and task processing for life promotion is very obvious, but Samsung, Tizen systems still need follow-up optimization to reduce especially the standby power consumption.


There is a saying in the front: Z1 is a good mobile phone, at least, and other lower-end phones, especially if compared with other Samsung low-end phones, but the Z1 is worth to buy? Well, the Z1 is currently only in India for sale, but at this price point, unless you have considerable curiosity for new systems or Z1 currently lacks third-party applications will not be the best choice for you.

Tizen most directly of competition opponents natural is Android One phone has, which has better of hardware specifications and more perfect of Android operating system, and Android original health butter also let these low-end phone has quite good of smooth degrees, Z1 of smooth degrees in these competition opponents before no advantage, and even is face really • designated screen King Lumia series phone, Tizen system more is childish not off has.

But say, for those who want to experience a new intelligent system or need a spare mobile phone buyers, Z1 is quite good, functional machine users, the Z1 would also be a good choice, but for others, Z1 limited appeal, and Samsung want Tizen to thrive, there is need to redouble our efforts.

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