East energy regulation Council PV subsidies granted without timely and transparent

Polaris solar PV net news: recently received parts from energy regulation Council in East China PV industry (including personal) on power supply enterprise’s complaints reflect the photovoltaic subsidy not issued in time, clearing the way issues such as opaque.

It is understood that the PV business from local finance, price, began the trial in the energy sector, finally, finance and the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board for approval approval after the entry list, allocated in the central budget to local governments, and finally by the power supply company for the issuance, companies get subsidies time will be longer. With the development of new energy in the past few years, photovoltaic energy subsidy arrears problem has become increasingly acute.

In addition, individuals and distributed solar PV subsidies granted by the power company, but due to the photovoltaic power generation settlement funds include electricity settlement, the national electricity subsidies, the local electricity subsidies, settlement, per household, per capital accounting with multi-sectoral reporting applications, while waiting for the disbursement of funds to a user account, it is difficult to meet the requirements of quarterly payments, often extended. Because PV user manual clearing of existing clearing the way for the original, unlike the system of electricity monthly automatic settlement, there is no corresponding electronic bills and invoices, settlements only to remit a sum of money users accounts, no detail document, users there is a big challenge.

With the promotion and development of PV power generation projects involving issues of PV and complaints are on the rise, if it is not resolved in a timely manner will reduce community confidence in the development of new energy and become problems hampered the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry. East Energy Regulatory Board will further strengthen supervision on the implementation of PV energy policy, promote the development of PV projects.

Original title: photovoltaic subsidy payment is not timely, not transparent, complaints are on the rise

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