End of 2016 main photovoltaic performance of listed companies in the first half

Polaris solar PV net news: 2016 is undoubtedly the photovoltaic industry in the first half of “good year”, under the influence of photovoltaic electricity price adjustment policy, photovoltaic industry, “630 installing surge”, result in January-June this year the domestic photovoltaic power installed more than 20GW, added size over the same period last year (new 7.7GW) 3 times, exceeded all expectations.

Photovoltaic companies continue to hand over the first half of the transcript, the published reports, including enterprises, middle and lower reaches of the strong performance of the industry chain. Jinko energy, longi shares, rising in the East as the representative of the solar upstarts are challenging traditional giant, people laugh, and beautiful behind what are the potential risks? Selected PV market within and outside the main operation data inventory, you may wish to look at.

End of 2016 main photovoltaic performance of listed companies in the first half


Jinkosolar, Oriental rising momentum for savage

Jinko-half net profit of 590 million Yuan, an increase of nearly 4 times, to 3.3GW in the first half of the shipments beyond the Trina solar to become China’s largest supplier of components, prior to this, Trina had won two years in a row, but revenue God still leading. In the report, apt to adjust its shipments for the year 6.5GW Trina reiterated its 2016 annual shipment goal of 6.3-6.55GW, who will be the annual shipments of the Championship, we’ll see.

Listing on the gem of the East Sunrise, two consecutive years of high growth in revenues, profits, company achieved operating income of 3.194 billion yuan in the first half, an increase of 97.72%, belonging to the shareholders of listed companies ‘ net profits of 480 million Yuan, an increase of 365.72%. Big revenue although few some gaps, but 480 million yuan in net profit higher than ja, and solar and Trina.

End of 2016 main photovoltaic performance of listed companies in the first half

Count II

Crystal camp performances

The forefront in many Crystal war camp longi shares and jinko have achieved high growth, which the Lungi shares made a net profit of 860 million Yuan, an increase of more than 6 times, top a-share PV companies topped the longi its leye photovoltaic components shipped in the first half 923MW.

In the field of single crystal, except longi shares, eging first-half net profit of 280 million Yuan, an increase of more than 7 times, Central shares made a net profit of 250 million yuan during the period, an increase of 168.68%. Overall performance higher than the industry average.

End of 2016 main photovoltaic performance of listed companies in the first half

Count three

Yingli can rise from the ashes

PV module shipments of the world’s first ring once upon a head of Yingli, after the loss of 5 consecutive years, ushered in its first profit, shipments in the first half of 1.2GW, achieving revenues of 4.9 billion yuan, a net profit of 150 million Yuan, Yingli to profit, mainly due to domestic PV installing leads to increased demand in the first half.

Under the situation of market are not optimistic in the second half, Yingli’s earnings can be sustained? Ying Li said in a statement, PV module shipments in the second quarter of 662MW, shipments may be cut in half in the third quarter. As of the first half of this year, Yingli’s debt to asset ratio was still as high as 127%. Debt problems ease, but still there.

End of 2016 main photovoltaic performance of listed companies in the first half

Count four

Can technology to profitability

Few enterprises in the first half, and technology ranked first, a loss of 50 million yuan in the first half.

As the domestic photovoltaic power stations “build-transfer” model of pioneer, developed technology PV power station has been in the private enterprises took advantage of the total. Photovoltaic technology in the plate has become the most catch the eye of the capital markets business.

In earnings, the company said, under the influence of Li Tenghui 130MW photovoltaic power plant fails to transfer in, half results failed to achieve profitability.

Past, the developed technology PV power station in seasonal features, mainly in the first three quarters project, approval, construction, and was not until the second half of the revenue and profit recognition. So the company net profit in the first three quarters of losses until four-quarter focus on revenue recognition and profit losses after profit.

In 2015, for example, the company in 2015 52.67 million Yuan loss in the first quarter, a loss of 153 million yuan in the second quarter, a loss of 85.6 million yuan in the third quarter, four-quarter earnings exceeding 700 million Yuan.

In this respect, technology in four quarterly losses would be the probability of the event.

“Prospects for the second half”

Investments to stimulate the capacity utilization ratio improved in 2016, about the first half of 27GW,50 companies that have an average capacity utilization rate of 83.5%, industry profitability significantly.

However, better days may be gone in the first half, PV installed capacity in the third quarter are expected to fall in the industry 80%. The price war has begun in the second half first representatives of poly-crystalline energy and Crystal Enterprise took turns making the minimum price, and leader in the base bid, GCL 0.61 Yuan price new energy news, shocked the industry.

Insiders believe that costs supported by falling electricity prices is a good thing, of course, but must have a system cost support, irrational bidding would have an administration misjudged? Subsidy arrears routine, minimum protection for power generation in some areas are problematic cases prematurely to promote parity, the Outlook is not optimistic.

Crazy installing led the new wave of the expansion raised concerns of excess capacity, and early access to “exhausted” mode, unlike in the past, this wave of expansion mainly led by the industry leader, since the second half of 2015, Trina, Crystal, solar PV, led by manufacturing companies began to set off a new round of expansion wave. In 2016, the first half of the excess capacity of which obscured by the popular market, further stimulating the manufacturing capacity expansion intentions.

Along with the drop in demand, market competition will become increasingly fierce, at the arrival of the new round of excess capacity, who can live on that in the future depends on the level of cost control. PV industry transition is taking place, to ATP energy, longi shares, rising in the East as the representative of the new power of PV you can do so on the throne?

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