Erenhot Inner Mongolia renewable energy micro grid project notice 565 000 kW

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the National Energy Board on the Erenhot reply matters related to renewable energy micro-grid model (new (2015), No. 357) documentation requirements, Xilin GOL League development and Reform Commission, energy development Council, Xilin GOL League, Inner Mongolia Erenhot renewable energy micro-grid demonstration projects commissioned and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources assessment in public. This assessment follows the principles of impartiality, fairness, openness and honesty, and welcome investors qualified to declare.

The assessment notice and related information in the Xilin GOL League development and Reform Commission’s website (, Xilin GOL League, government services and public resources network (, electricity and water resources planning and Design Institute website (www.creei.CN).

A basic condition

1. selecting the best people: Xilin GOL League, Xilin GOL League in energy development, development and Reform Commission

2. selecting the best technical service unit: hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute

3. selecting the number: MG-NMGXLGL/SDG-2016-03

4. project location: Erenhot city, Xilin GOL League, Inner Mongolia autonomous region and the sonid right banner and the sonid left banner and the xianghuang banner, plain and bordered white banner, Abaga Qi internally

5. project description: explore the innovative use and development of renewable energy, improving renewable energy scale and technical level to promote regional economic and social development, in the Xilin GOL League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region build renewable energy micro-grid demonstration projects. The pilot project includes the 7 clusters, renewable energy total capacity of 2.535 million kilowatts. Tentative construction of wind power, photovoltaic and storage part 12 (12) months, solar thermal project construction period is 24 (24) months, from the time the project was approved (filing) begins development and operation for a period of 25 (25) years (not including the building period). Project clusters are as follows:

6. selecting the best content: Erenhot, Inner Mongolia renewable energy micro-grid demonstration project

Second, investment agency certification

7. the investor can be a single enterprise or consortium. If investor is a single enterprise, you must order a new energy for the main business if investor is a consortium, is the central subject is the governing (controlling shareholder) should be based on a new energy for the main business of the enterprises, other constituent units of the Federation by the equipment manufacturer or technology services unit to a joint venture and cooperation mode, Consortium unit must not exceed 4.

8. for each micro-grid cluster: a group only in the Group’s name or specify which wholly-owned or controlled companies, independent or as a shareholder to participate in projects. Holdings Declaration of identity of an investment project cluster number should not exceed 2, if you gained more than 1 item in the cluster selected, investors choose less than 1 cluster projects.

9. Commonwealth of independent investors, or holding the registered capital (paid-up) in 500 million Yuan and above. Independent investor or consortium shareholder must provide audited based on Chinese accounting for nearly three years (2013, 2014, 2015) annual financial statements established for less than three years, since the establishment of the annual financial statements are required. Enterprises involved in the assessment, by the end of 2015, total net assets of not less than the total investment of the project declared by cluster calculations 50%.

10. performance capacity: as December 31, 2015, participation assessment of independent enterprise or consortium in the of core subject has grid run of non-water can renewable energy power project total capacity (by interests capacity meter) not below 500MWp (both at home and abroad performance needed provides full effective of proved); in meet other related requirements based Shang, has independent construction, and run micro-grid performance of declared enterprise, in principle be priority consider.

11. investors commit to declare the project cluster city flag or set up a wholly owned company as the subject of project development and construction of the project.

12. investment commitments payments occurred during the assessment process of selecting the best technical service unit costs and costs relating to preparatory work.

13. investors committed to selecting files on the micro-grid works specification requires the implementation of construction projects and construction standards, and receive supervision and inspection of the relevant parties.

14. investors are all credit behavior and sell renewable energy projects-free project.

15. investment commitments in the guidance and assistance of the local government, to explore the establishment of an independent electricity company, cooperate with local governments to carry out an independent study on the operational mechanism and practice of building work from electricity sales.

Third, investors submit time and place

16. investors buy assessment information date: August 8, 2016-August 10 (8:30 to 11:30, 2:00-5:00, Beijing time)

17. the investor information documents submission date: September 5, 2016 at 10:00 (Beijing time)

18. the investor buying assessment information location: Liu make the bed North Street, Xicheng District, the 2nd, and hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute, room 120, evaluate materials priced at 500 yuan each.

19. the assessment result announcement date: September 12, 2016

20. the assessment contact:

, Xilin GOL League, national development and Reform Commission: Hu Wenbo, 15847916565,[email protected];

Hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources: Lv Song, 13717596911,[email protected]

21. other: potential investors please contact assessment contact for more information.

Original title: Erenhot renewable energy micro-grid demonstration project investment assessment notices

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