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Polaris solar network: various cities, County development and Reform Commission and the poverty reduction Office, Bureau of land and resources Bureau, the Bureau of agriculture, forestry, National Development Bank, Henan provincial branch, the agricultural development Bank of China Henan provincial branch, State grid power company in Henan Province:

For implement implementation Central, and provincial poverty development workshop spirit, solid implementation Communist Henan provincial, and Henan Province Government on won poverty battle of implementation views and Henan province industry support poverty implementation programme, according to national development and Reform Committee, and State poverty development office, and national energy Council, and national development Bank, and China Agricultural Development Bank on implementation PV power poverty work of views (sent modified energy [2016]621,) requirements, PV anti-poverty work in my province are hereby makes the following observations:

A, General requirements

Seriously implement implementation precision poverty, and precision poverty strategy and national clean low carbon energy development strategy, will PV power poverty as assets returns poverty of important way, according to around poverty population distribution and the PV power construction conditions, established variety way phase combined of funds financing mechanism, adjusting measures to local conditions carried out variety form of PV power poverty work, stable increased poor income, gradually development poverty village collective, for won poverty battle added new of power.

Second, basic principles

(A) Government-led, social participation. PV poverty alleviation work carried out around to local conditions, photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction as an accurate, precise and important for poverty eradication initiatives for poverty alleviation, actively planning and coordination. Province, municipalities are responsible for coordination problems encountered by photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction, policy research, and support and urge the relevant counties implement development tasks; County is responsible for the preparation of implementation plans and financing construction fund, organization, project implementation, building operations and project income distribution, with overall supervision and coordination of services, and so on. Encouraging and guiding the village units, enterprises and all sectors of society through donation or invested his labor support, participation in photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation.

(B) voluntary reporting, accurate help. PV anti-poverty work, each district should independently determine according to their own conditions. With full respect for the poor villages, and the poor will, imposition of poor villages and poor voluntary reporting.

Photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation counties should be the establishment of uniform norms of eligibility conditions and selection procedures for establishing and filing accurate docking of photovoltaic power generation State card poor poor income distribution and regulatory mechanisms, secure a long-term stable income poverty.

(C) funding the strengthened safeguards. Establishment of government subsidies, social support, financial support, user contributions in many ways, such as a combination of funding mechanisms. Governing all levels of Government through the integration of poverty relief funds, investments and other related-related funds and manpower to solve solar power projects for poverty alleviation funds, government funding can share exchange quantify to poor villages and poor. Eligible projects funded poverty subject and object, using the National Development Bank, poverty alleviation and development of China’s agricultural development Bank provided concessional loans. Encourage other financial institutions to ensure a reasonable return on the basis of low-cost financing for PV power generation projects supported.

(D) the discipline, to ensure effectiveness. Key equipment of PV power generation projects for poverty alleviation should meet advanced specifications and reliable quality, construction, operation and maintenance units should be chosen who possess the required qualifications and extensive practical experience in the operation and maintenance company. Project construction should be in accordance with “the who approval, who is in charge, who monitor” principle, by each county is responsible for establishing sound construction, pipe, using a combination of operation and maintenance services to ensure that PV power station is operating normally and stable returns.

Third, the implementation of the object and the target task

2016-2020, in the province of solar energy resources in the region, filing state card a poor village and are filing state card poor villages in the selection, implementation, guaranteed benefit poor households for 20 consecutive years, no less than 3000 Yuan a year per household photovoltaic proceeds for poverty alleviation. PV focus of poverty reduction to support family labour capacity is weak and no stable source of income for poor households, as well as collective economic income or economic weakness, lack of resources, poor villages.

Four main building for poverty alleviation, photovoltaic power generation modes

Encourage innovative thinking and project development enterprise, and manpower support to the village and focused combination of continuous construction, combining support to families and strengthen the collective economy, according to local poverty conditions suitable for photovoltaic power generation mode.

(A) the village of small photovoltaic power plant. File state card a poor village of barren slopes, such as unused land or facilities, agriculture greenhouse agriculture, construction of small PV power station 500-kilowatt. Encouraging the construction of agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry, Lin Guang complementary and other forms of small photovoltaic power plant. Small PV power plant at village level according to financial investment, collective and poor self-, land rent, joint-stock, generating receipts less the investment loan, taxes, operating costs, land rent, outer, first ensure that members of the share exchange filing State poverty card poor stability, rest can be use as a village collective welfare funds. Specific distribution patterns and proportions determined by themselves around.

(B) distributed PV for poor households. Archived State poor roof or yard card free, according to the situation of poor families and conditions of installation, distributed PV systems for 5-kilowatt of the installation, return to the poor at all.

(C) centralized photovoltaic power plant. The County (city, district) may also make use of barren slope of unused land, agricultural free ceiling construction centralized PV power plant, land rent, equity investment and other income and manpower for poor villages or the poor out of poverty. Encouraging the construction of agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry, Lin Guang complement each other in various forms, such as photovoltaic power plant, to improve land utilization efficiency. Centralized PV power plant in accordance with the scale of projects corresponding to each poor countries 25-kilowatt standard file that corresponds to the State of poverty of the population you want to put in place.

V, PV project registration and reporting processes

(A) small PV power plant at village level and poor households with distributed PV power generation projects, in accordance with the application for village, Township (town) audit, County approval, State reporting procedures, in particular in accordance with the financial management of special projects in Henan province (trial) relevant provisions of the implementation. Within 15 working days after the project approval document issued at the county level, project implementation plan project management departments at the county level reply step by step report provincial and municipal project management sector and the financial sector. Poor households with distributed PV power not by PV power annual scale index limit, village level small power station executable “full Internet” grid mode, by needed index by national issued I province of annual guide scale for reveals, province poverty project management sector in the implementation County (city, and district) project record end Hou, will province poor households with distributed PV power and the village level small PV power station scale summary and submitted province Energy Council.

(B) centralized PV power station project on poverty reduction, by County (city, district) Energy Department jointly with other departments in counties prepare for photovoltaic power generation for poverty alleviation to poverty alleviation program. Implementation plan references National Energy Board Secretary, administrative personnel Division of the poverty alleviation Office of the State Council on printing and distributing solar issued the notice on implementing programming framework for poverty alleviation (national comprehensive new [2016]280). Implementation plans should include objectives and tasks, the number of poor households, poverty, project type, building size, building conditions, and then network programme, programme of measures, operation management, investment of funds benefits analysis, management system, income distribution, policy, organizational safeguards. Implementation plans to do projects with precision docking for poverty alleviation, management clear and land conditions of construction projects such as implementation, network and grid-connected operation conditions recognized by the local power company. PV power generation after the implementation of programming for poverty alleviation counties, municipal development and reform and poverty alleviation sector joint examination and then reported to the provincial development and Reform Commission and the provincial poverty alleviation Office. By the provincial poverty alleviation Office in poverty hardest work arrangements and poor precision timing requirements related, in conjunction with the provincial poverty alleviation Office of the provincial development and Reform Commission, reported the implementation of audit programme, and as mature reported a number of principles, submitted to the National Energy Board and the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council for approval.

For speed up PV power poverty project implementation, for the County (city, and district) implementation programme in the has conditions of poor households with distributed PV power, and village level small power station two species type, can by County first approval implementation programme, in law according to rules handle related procedures Hou starts construction, implementation programme in the of concentrated type PV power station project, without national reply not implementation, or by produced risk by project investment party itself bear.

Six, safeguards

(A) the establishment of coordination mechanisms. Building, city and county level responsible for co-ordination among various departments, and linkage mechanisms of photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction. Led by the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial poverty alleviation Office, in conjunction with the land and natural resources, agriculture, forestry, and other relevant departments and the State Development Bank, Henan provincial branch, the agricultural development Bank of China Henan provincial branch, State grid power company in Henan province, on major issues in the process of photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction Conference. Relevant counties (cities, districts) set up appropriate working bodies of the Government, leading comrades in charge of personal leadership, comrade in charge is responsible for concrete implementation of sector collaboration, unified organization.

(B) clear Department responsibilities. Energy Administration Department is responsible for coordination of PV power projects for poverty alleviation in the major problems, organize and make plans to strengthen engineering quality supervision, coordination of network operation and so on. Departments are responsible for determining photovoltaic power generation for poverty alleviation to poverty alleviation in poor villages and poor, development of annual construction programme, lead organization project, set up photovoltaic power generation information management system for poverty population to develop photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation in income distribution management system. Financial departments and other departments responsible for photovoltaic power generation for poverty alleviation projects for poverty alleviation the Government funding and supervision, additional renewable electricity price subsidies applied for and allocated, and so on. Land and forestry departments are responsible for photovoltaic engineering land-use reform for poverty alleviation policy and the implementation of preferential policies for land compensation fees. Power Enterprise responsible for photovoltaic power generation project power line construction and grid services, ensure that the supporting transmission project and the construction of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation; electricity generated by ensuring full Internet access and to give priority to the settlement. Relevant financial institutions in accordance with the principle of guaranteed profit for PV power generation projects to provide long-term low-interest loans.

(C) coordinating the implementation of construction funds. Counties (cities, districts) can be integrated and integrated use, including special financial funds of various types of financial-related funds (specific integration financial and manpower-related funds, according to the Henan province, pilot implementation measures and the management measures of poverty relief funds, Henan province), poor households with distributed PV and village-level difference of small PV power plant project grants. Specific subsidies from the County (city, district) to study.

Centralized PV power station project on poverty reduction, mainly by photovoltaic power generation development project investment, construction and management. Cities and counties can be consolidated financial and special poverty alleviation-related funds, in the form of shareholder dividends (quantified to the poor), comprehensive solution of project funding.

Poor households with distributed PV power and village level small PV power station poverty village collective and poor family raised funds part, and concentrated type PV poverty power station enterprise investment part, are can application using national development Bank and the China Agricultural Development Bank the branch institutions provides of poverty development medium-and long-term cheap loan, and by financial poverty funds give appropriate discount, discount years and lines by poverty loan about provides by around itself research determine.

(D) strengthening management and follow-up service. Relevant counties (cities and districts) Government to set up an information service platform, perfect for poor villages and poor mechanisms of photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance services. The County (city, district) village PV power plant should be determined legally according to the rules of the Government (including household) of operational and technical services company can entrust operations enterprise Countywide NEI level PV power plant (including home) engineering design and construction management.

Encourage the County (city, district) to co-ordinate building management photovoltaic projects to reduce operation and maintenance costs to ensure power stations operating life and efficiency. Counties (cities, districts) to print the contents comprehensive, easy to understand of the PV power plant operation and maintenance manual, issued to the poor villages and poor.

(E) strengthen supervising. Relevant counties (cities, districts) important to poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation as a PV industry content, standards, accountability, strengthen dispatching communications supervision and assessment to ensure timely implement the objectives and tasks. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of photovoltaic power generation special funds for poverty alleviation and auditing, inspection, increase during the construction of photovoltaic power generation project all kinds of speculation and the monitoring of policy implementation, photovoltaic power generation project in the emergence of all kinds of illegal violation problem, strictly investigated and dealt with firmly.

(F) create a good atmosphere. All relevant departments at all levels, enterprises and the media through a variety of forms, pro-poor policies, strengthen photovoltaic power generation project construction dynamics, effects, typical cases of promotion, for the community to fully understand the PV anti-poverty work, guide the majority of poor households and the community actively supports and participates in PV anti-poverty work, create a good atmosphere for collaborative work.

The July 26, 2016

Original title: Henan provincial development and Reform Commission, the Office of poverty alleviation and development in Henan province, Henan provincial land and resources department, Forestry Department of Agriculture Department of Henan province, Henan province, on the Organization and implementation of photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction guidelines

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