Integration of real and virtual Oculus Rift play roller coaster

Integration of real and virtual, Oculus Rift play roller coaster

In recent days, came from Germany at the Kaiserslautern University of technology of Caesar Thomas Wagner and students wearing head display Oculus Rift with roller-coaster ride, turning it into a virtual experience. They had been secretly tried this cool virtual experiences, but this time the team collaboration with Mack Rides the roller coaster builders, and developed a number of related applications. Fendi

One is called “ride”, it does this by tracking the roller coaster wheels and use personal monitoring, synchronization rollercoaster trajectory. Meanwhile, ride has a variety of modes, Pegasus, submarines or space shooter, can also use the handle to shoot, let you full experience of virtual exciting feeling. FENDI iPhone 6 plus

This experiment looks very interesting, but the development team is not simple to play, and the roller coaster Builder, Thomas Wagner team also wanted to make money. But experience really worth having, after confirmed that roller-coaster ride on the headband does not fall off the monitor, monitor sensors in extreme gravity working, in addition, the virtual experience doesn’t make you vomit.

FENDI iPhone 6 plus

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