Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of energy on photovoltaic programming related to the

Polaris solar PV net news: municipal development and Reform Commission, the Department of energy in each area (Office):

According to national development reform Board, and State poverty do, five units joint issued on implementation PV poverty work of views (sent modified energy “2016” No. 621,, following referred to “No. 621, file”) requirements, I Council are with units organization on the County PV poverty programme of trial work, review in the found, most County reported of programme failed to strictly by No. 621, paper and national PV poverty implementation programme prepared outline (following referred to prepared outline) requirements implementation construction and power elimination na conditions, for And be informed of the matter are as follows:

A, correct understanding of national policies

PV poverty is implement Central poverty development workshop spirit, implementation CPC Central Committee, and State on won poverty battle of decided requirements of important initiatives, do PV poverty work for won poverty battle, and advance low carbon development has important meaning, but if prepared programme and implementation process in the appeared deviation led to project cannot normal operation, also will on party and Government image caused damage, even raised social stable risk, around should adjusting measures to local conditions, in is responsible for of attitude, strictly by national, and Province organization PV pro-poor implementation of policy requirements related to programming and revising, and ensure that the scheme is feasible.

No. 621, spirit, due to my relative lack of land resources, and small power load in the poor areas, power poor absorptive capacity, to avoid disposable light phenomena, does not encourage construction of centralized PV ground station for poverty alleviation.

Second, implementation of the programme of construction condition

Implementation plan should be No. 621 of the text requirements, implement projects and poverty alleviation precision docking, operations management, clear subject, project implementation conditions such as land, network and interconnection conditions recognized by the local power company, specific requirements are as follows:

1. precision docking poverty alleviation

Implementation programme should by national prepared outline requirements, to solution built document state card no labor capacity poor for work target, remaining poor temporarily not into this batch programme implementation, stay province grid elimination na, undertake conditions has Yu Yu Hou separately prepared programme, around implementation programme in the by involved PV poverty project are should clear specific poverty object, into PV poverty of poverty personnel list to to social timely for publicity, poverty sector to on its authenticity is responsible for, and ensure plans of fair sex and rationality.

2. strictly implement land condition

By national prepared outline requirements, implementation programme in the, village level PV poverty project should by County land sector unified issued this county the village level PV poverty project with to views (containing land using tax), by on support new industry new industry State development promote mass venture peoples innovation with to of views (land funding rules “2015” 5th,), on different of with to type handle related procedures, involved woodland of, by national forestry Council on PV power station construction using woodland about problem of notification (buying sent “2015” 153th) regulations implement the construction conditions and go through the relevant formalities.

3. ensure elimination conditions

Implementation plans should ensure completion on time and in full-grid acquisition shall not abandon damaged led to poor returns. PV project in principle to produce electricity in the County (city, district) within to dissolve on the spot, really need in the County (city, district), dissolve, should be issued by the responsible for the Elimination of power grid enterprises written submissions to ensure that a full acquisition.

4. ensure the quality of construction project

PV quality is key to the poor, must be strictly in accordance with the Jiangxi provincial development and Reform Commission of Jiangxi provincial poverty alleviation and the Bureau of Immigration issued the notice on implementation of PV poverty reduction required to control the product quality and engineering quality control system of establishing the long-term operation and maintenance of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation. Project more of County, County Government to determine specialized for PV poverty project units, by units on local PV poverty project quality negative total accountability, and specific bear PV poverty engineering using of PV products tender, and construction units tender and run maintenance Enterprise tender work, by units and products, and construction and run maintenance service provides enterprise by legal requirements signed related contract, and agreement, clear engineering participation parties responsibility and obligations; project less of place, can set district city for units carried out related work.

5. policy change

Province accelerated the province’s proposed programme of work on photovoltaic applications strive in 2017, photovoltaic power generation installed capacity up to 1.8 million-kilowatt of construction, and proposed for planned projects, 0.2 Yuan for each kilowatt subsidy policies at the provincial level. Currently, PV power installed capacity has reached 1.8 million-kilowatt, subsequent provincial subsidy policy uncertainty in the preparation of the implementation of the programme throughout provincial subsidy income into gains cannot be measured, ensuring that poor households of the PV to implement pro-poor income.

Please follow the above requirements, organizations in each County (city, district) to complement the scheme, focusing on complementary poverty alleviation, land (forestry), grid and other support materials. In accordance with the “mature one, reported a” principles the programme once again submitted to the Provincial Bureau of energy.

Energy Bureau of Jiangxi province

The August 11, 2016

Original title: energy Bureau of Jiangxi province on a PV programming related to the alleviation of notice required

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