Jincheng city Shanxi province first distributed PV project subsidy funds of

Polaris solar PV net news: actively at national, province, to promote economic and social development policies implemented, Jincheng city, support for medium and small micro-enterprise development, promote application of solar PV and PV manufacturing industry, the city health, helping to increase the farmers ‘ income, income-generation in rural areas, ways out of poverty. In 2015, the rural area of Jincheng city, Jincheng city distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration project and trial measures for the financial support fund to provide special subsidies for municipal funds, including photovoltaic power subsidies and construction of photovoltaic projects installation subsidy.

Photovoltaic electricity subsidies: 0.2 Yuan/kW for subsidies. Installation allowance: new photovoltaic project since June 26, 2015, by building capacity to give one-time installation allowance of 3/w; as of January 1, 2013 to June 25, 2015 PV power generation projects that have been completed, according to the new project standard 50% subsidies. Since its way to introduce, got the attention of the community particularly farmers.

Recently, the first distributed PV power generation projects in rural areas of Jincheng city subsidies of 5.68 million Yuan has been put into place. The subsidy is mainly aimed at in January 2013, installed for the period from January to March 31, 2016, more than 200 households. Installed capacity subsidies 5.645 million Yuan, electricity subsidy of 37,000 yuan.

Original title: first distributed PV power generation projects in rural areas of Jincheng city 5.68 million yuan in place

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