Mobile phone x PC cross infection 360 security researcher shows mixed race

Imagine the scene:

Hackers secretly using a mobile phone connected to your computer, just half a minute, and it seems nothing has happened.

Since then, however, the victim’s computer can infect every connected phone.

These phones are connected to the other computer, and other computers into the source of infection, to launch new attacks.

Until the infinite …

This is a scene of terrible, but fortunately it did not happen in real life.

Based on past experience, a malicious program could only spread from mobile or PC. However, as safety Daniel, certainly better than “stupid human” step twice. 360 ice edge laboratories in the known universe, the famous white-hat hackers, called “Pan” Pan Jianfeng earlier this year raised the mobile phone and the vision of cross infection between computers.

Two security researchers and laboratories Qin Jiajie, Guo Yonggang, realized this imaginary assault. In today’s ISC (Internet Security Conference) at the Hackpwn crack, two by attacking the show, Daniel, has warned the world that “mixed-race attack” of risk.

Mobile phone x PC cross-infection? 360 security researcher shows

“Qin Jiajie (left) and Guo Yonggang (right) at the Hackpwn site”

At the scene, two hackers showed two Android phones and two Windows PC. One of the phones was ahead of built-in attack programs, all remaining equipment is “clean”.

Qin Jiajie, Guo Yonggang attacking mobile phones are connected to the computer, just half a minute or so, PC has been infected;

Then the two researchers connect this computer with the new phone, a few seconds after the phone automatically restart;

With this new phone connections after the computer, computers have been infected.

Just five minutes, an attacker has completed two “again”. Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture

Mobile phone x PC cross-infection? 360 security researcher shows

“Two security researchers live show: mobile x PC cross-infection” Juicy Couture

Lei Feng Qin Jiajie, Guo Yonggang told network, live show, so audiences can feel more clearly the background operation, so did prompt equipment. And in true hacker attacks, all attacks can be set to silent.

If the phone was to use the technology to malicious attack, “victim” will only see your own phone to restart, but do not know their own phone kernel has been replaced, became the new source of infection.

They said.

In the first two years of United States BlackHat hacking Conference, foreign hackers used to display by modifying the hardware USB stick, realization of computer infections. And the ice edge laboratory research reveals that this type of attack can reach deeper and wider. They said:

Such attacks across PC and mobile and, theoretically, can infect all versions for all models of Android phones. Of course because we just show the possibility, but do not really want to attack, so we didn’t do models of adaptation work.

Two researchers told Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest), and mastering “PC phone attacks” and “PC to attack mobile phones” these two technologies, technology as well as a certain degree of difficulty. This is there are no hackers using such a tool is found to cause bad things.

But they also said, this attack has been prove to be viable, so in theory they could really hackers developed a similar technology used to launch an attack.

If the phone really is infected by malicious hackers, then “your phone will become their phone.” Each other even remotely view any information on your phone, and install any App.

Although the protection product has been in development, but the two security researchers warned people still use mobile phone habits, that is:

Try not to use your mobile phone to connect new computer or any USB device.

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