National energy Bureau of Shandong liaocheng reselling PV power plant permits

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the National Energy Board investigation team of new Energy Division and the Division of market regulation, investigations of complaints against reselling PV power plant approvals, Shandong, actively cooperate with the investigations of the Energy Regulatory Office.

Investigation team, made a special trip to PV project is located in liaocheng city comprehensive insight into the situation, liaocheng city development and Reform Commission and the County development and reform Bureau and the complaint involves a detailed introduction of the enterprise on the whole process. , Liaocheng city, a team of investigators to record policy, project records, photovoltaic index usage, corporate changes, such as detailed analysis and research to form a more objective consensus of opinion.

Strengthening supervision is the important guarantee to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the industry, the next step, Shandong Office will actively implement the National Energy Board energy regulation “, pipes, clothing,” combining work, innovative methods, increase the intensity of law enforcement, in order to promote healthy and sustainable development of the energy sector to play an active role.

Original title: Shandong Energy Regulatory Office with approval National Energy Board selling PV power station investigation

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