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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the National Energy Board on the 2015 national renewable electricity development monitoring and evaluation briefing

By the end of 2015, national renewable energy generation capacity of 480 million kW, including PV 43.18 million-kilowatt, when the electricity 39.2 billion-kilowatt, 0.7% of the total generating capacity. 2015, including water and electricity, when the total amount of renewable power to dissolve 1.3625 trillion-kilowatt, accounted for the proportion of electricity consumption of the whole society at 24.5%. Appeared to abandon optical phenomena in the Northwest region, Gansu province, which left electro-optical 2.6 billion-kilowatt, abandon rates 31%, abandoned when the electro-optical 1.8 billion-kilowatt in Xinjiang, abandon rates 26%.

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Inner Mongolia 2, 2016-normal PV power station construction index allocation table

Recently, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the NDRC issued 600,000-kilowatt ordinary photovoltaic building indicators, in principle a single project cannot be less than 10,000-kilowatt, PV size configuration through competition. Considering the actual situation in Inner Mongolia and the city power to dissolve, previous annual building completion, will now index assigned to each city.

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3 changshan, Zhejiang Province Jin rooftop PV project of enriching the programme implementation

To promote photovoltaic applications into the tens of changshan, Zhejiang Province decided to implement Golden rooftop PV project of making people rich. “Thirteen-Five”

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