Price Bureau of Shandong province the latest reply of 4 photovoltaic power project

Polaris solar PV net news: Lu price (2016), 74th

Yantai, Jining and liaocheng city price Bureau:

Your renewable energy project price instructions were received. According to national development reform Board on perfect land wind electric PV power Internet benchmark electric price policy of notification (sent modified price (2015) No. 3044,), and can renewable energy electric price additional grants funds management provisional approach (fiscal built (2012) 102th,), file provides, agreed by reported project since grid power of day up implementation national can renewable energy power benchmark Internet electric price (reply electric price standard see annex).

New benchmark renewable energy generation price in our province coal benchmark price (including desulfurization, denitrification, dust increase) within parts, borne by the State grid power company in Shandong province and a monthly settlement; the rest according to the relevant State regulations.

Attachment: renewable energy generation project price list price

Price Bureau of Shandong province, the latest reply of 4 photovoltaic power project implementation 1 Yuan/kWh price

Original title: the price Bureau of Shandong province, about Kyle, Guan Sheng new renewable energy power projects, energy limited price approval

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