Publishing equipment manufacturing industry development in Hebei province Thirteen

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission issued the equipment manufacturing industry development in Hebei province “Thirteen-Five” programme, the plan States that, the equipment manufacturing industry for the national economy development and national defense construction, provide technical equipment basic and strategic industries, countries or regions is a measure of the level of industrialization is one of the important symbols. In 2014, the above-scale industrial added value of equipment manufacturing industry has gone beyond black metal smelting and rolling processing industry, manufacturing the first pillar industry in Hebei province. For speed up equipment manufacturing development, promote industry structure optimization upgrade, upgrade industry integrated competitiveness, according to Beijing Jin JI collaborative development planning platform for Beijing Jin JI collaborative development industry upgrade transfer planning and Hebei province economy and social development 13th a five years planning platform for Hebei Province Government on in-depth advance < china manufacturing 2025> of implementation views Hebei Province Government on advance “Internet +” action of implementation views, Develop this plan (this plan does not cover electronic communication equipment manufacturing and military equipment manufacturing). Planning for 2016-2020 years.

According to planning, vigorously upgrade energy equipment level is development focus: relies on country electric linkage Baoding company, and in the airlines Hui make wind electric, and section forest electrical, and goldwind electric control, Enterprise, focus development high parameter, and high reliability MW level above large wind electric equipment, achieved frequency control system, and efficient high reliability generator, and wind electric bearing, and gear growth device, and carbon fiber leaves, key parts of localization.

Relying on companies such as Yingli, jinglong group, focus on the development of high efficiency solar cell application products and components, PV on-grid inverter, automatic tracking devices and other solar power generation systems. Speed up the development of large photovoltaic power plants and distributed system integration and monitoring of photovoltaic systems operation and maintenance services, support the photovoltaic manufacturing companies in PV power plant design, installation, operation, and so on. Baoding, promoting new energy and energy equipment industrial base, xingtai national PV high-tech industrial base, sail construction of industrial parks and new energy storage-storage projects.

Original title: the equipment manufacturing industry development in Hebei province “Thirteen-Five” planning and development of new energy is focused on

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