PV capacity has outstripped demand continues to expand

Polaris solar PV net news: statistical 2016 PV manufacturer’s capacity, we come to an interesting conclusion: despite the continuing excess capacity, silicon ingots, wafers, cells and PV module manufacturers in 2016 will be expanded at the end of some 20% capacity, but except for polysilicon.

Despite the continuing excess capacity, manufacturers continue to expand production capacity at home and abroad. Meanwhile, production is not consistent with the value chain, even the most serious excess of silicon ingots, in 2016, polysilicon production capacity 65GW the size of the market based on the growth of 44%.

Government of China and Taiwan, through efficiency and power consumption and other technical indicators to assess the manufacturer, designed to regulate the industry and promote the development and consolidation of the industry, but so far is limited.

South-East Asia is currently the most popular in China and Taiwan PV manufacturers welcomed the new manufacturing site, 8% of those manufacturer’s production comes from the region.

Here are several sets of data to our statistics to:

► BNEF is included in the present analysis to observe all existing manufacturers, including 25 polysilicon factories, 66 ingot manufacturers, 76 wafer manufacturing enterprises, 132 monocrystalline silicon cell manufacturer and 237 PV module manufacturer. Since many companies cover more than one product sector, so the company a total of 306.

► Up to the first quarter of 2016, global PV production in the manufacturing sector are: 445,500 tons of polysilicon, ingots 79GW (21% for monocrystalline silicon ingot), wafer 80GW, polycrystalline silicon solar panel 90GW and 136GW components. Above products, Chinese manufacturers within each category of capacity 46%,81%,81%,67% and 76% per cent of the global total.

► Up to the first quarter of 2016, China’s Mainland and Taiwan manufacturers of cell and module production capacity overseas 6.8GW and 11GW respectively, and is expected to be increased by the end of 2016 to 13GW, 16GW.

Original title: PV capacity has outstripped demand continues to expand

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