PV industry a new seat shuffle order

Polaris solar PV net news: global PV industry again the new round seating order shuffle. This time, a headquarters in Shanghai of the Chinese PV industry team to the pinnacle of the industry.

“Silicon components Super League” (SMSL) Member jinko recently issued second-quarter report showed that the solar module shipments in the second quarter in a row ahead of SMSL competition Trina, who sat under the squeeze of a world champion for two years, won the total shipments of the world’s first. , Including Suntech and Yingli, Trina, apt will become the fourth to win global modules-Chinese enterprises.

After a series of crisis under the photovoltaic panel manufacturer in China, strong growth this year, the profits are substantial.

Originated in Suzhou solar Sun power, first launched privatization back ja solar, last year restructured GCL integration successfully broke into the top ten for the first time, as well as two former champions Suntech and Yingli Green energy, leapfrogging the competition, entering the ranks of the first members of the Club of the world’s top ten, built a famous “wall of Defense”.

Carry the lead banner on jinko, previously in the PV industry has always been a follower.

New champ jinko’s founder and Chairman had Xian de was born in Zhejiang yuhuan, just this year, the age. Founded ten years ago to the old revolutionary base areas in Shangrao in Jiangxi province in the Mainland ATP energy, the industry was not optimistic about. Xian de has repeatedly told reporters after a word–jinkosolar “follow the sun shine” way.

Since 2014, has been to create “strong year” jinko momentum of components shipped in 2016, second-quarter shipments rose to 1716MW, setting a new quarterly shipment record, beating its previous historical peak in 2015, the fourth quarter hit a record of 1709.9MW.

Crystal section energy of competition opponents, and global PV industry, Chairman of, and days collection light Chairman and CEO Gao jifan led of days collection light, earlier shipping volume for 1658.3MW; Shang annual first among second, by “thousand people plans” experts, and in China PV industry has “PV scholar” of said, and solar Chairman and CEO Qu Xiaohua control of solar, the again return third of location, its earlier PV component shipping volume for 1290MW.

Another big star, revamped last year first year into the top ten, nearly a decade the photovoltaic industry’s largest black Concord integrated performance is still good. Half-yearly report shows that the company’s half-yearly revenues of 6.71 billion yuan, an increase of 88.04%. However, its ownership in listed company net profit of 193 million Yuan, an increase of only 2.77%. In 2015, the previously unknown GCL integration, and “Airborne” to the world’s seventh location.

In addition to outside the polysilicon large harvest, the world’s largest silicon longi leading company shares benefited from the digestion of the da Tong leader in Al-Qaida, which vested in the shareholders of listed companies more than 830 million yuan in net profit, an increase of 630%, becomes a six-month profit of PV industry in China one of the largest enterprises.

The announcement of the tally of the world’s top three companies, for the first quarter of robust demand from the United States and China, accounts for the majority of shipments, Southeast Asia and India, the rise of South America has become a booster. Different from embarrassment years ago Delta does not increase profits this year shipped “quantity” on the increase, but also the great China, regiments of “quality” improvement-financial performance made a big jump.

Jinko’s second-quarter revenues were $ 896.1 million, an increase of 86.1%. Gross profit was $ 182.4 million, gross margin was 20.4%.

Trina’s gross profit of $ 176.3 million, gross margin was 18.3%, compared with 20% a little decline in the second quarter of 2015. Gross profit rose in part because the company’s Thailand factory to the United States rise in shipments to avoid anti-dumping tariffs and, in addition, also thanks to its downstream operations.

Solar net revenue of $ 805.9 million, gross margin was 17.2%, slightly higher than the first quarter of the year 15.6%.

Major PV family rising gross margins due to the component of the giant manufacturing cost decreases.

GAO jifan assessment to reporters, said Trina’s financial and operational indicators all improved component shipments before the major policy adjustment of China’s subsidy boost demands continue to rise.

GAO jifan said earlier in an interview, beginning in the first quarter of this year, has foreshadowed a good start for the whole year, unit shipments year on year increase, key is from the United States, China and India are three key market demand.

Seems to be forming a tacit understanding between the Giants. These intensive companies in nearly a month of earnings conference call, in response to the reality that in the second half of “630” PV project goals or face cut after the new deal. The company’s management stated that, compared to the first half of China’s market demand will decline. China’s excess capacity and a decline in average selling prices will be facing a problem in China.

Jinko CEO told reporters Chen Kangping, component shipments reached a record high, exceeding the expected target of the highest value, despite industry headwinds and the late, but he expects global demand to remain strong. Chen Kangping said he believed apt in the second half of the year will be able to benefit from the strong growth momentum.

Reporters found that with other Chinese competitors two or three lines of the most different PV modules in the first Club bosses earlier market internationalization, can offset the risk of orders in the domestic market.

In solar, for example, in its shipments in the customer’s territory, second quarter of 2016, United States sales accounted for net income of 47.6%, Asia accounted for 39.5%, 12.9% and other parts of Europe. United States and Asia were higher than the first quarter of 2016, has increased.

In addition to simple shipping, sinking into the operation at the lower end of solar PV power plant and related portfolio also becomes each big PV’s important tasks.

Notice shows that solar 2016 revenue goal from $ 2.9 billion to 3.1 billion had been raised between 3 billion to 3.2 billion dollars. Solar source told interface for journalists, which means sell more PV solar will be the second half of this year.

Qu Xiaohua has said, the future of the company will continue to use the project to preserve and project sales strategy to ensure operational flexibility to maximize cash flow and balance. According to solar these sources, currently operating solar power plant, about 438MWp, an estimated resale value of about $ 950 million. The company is planning to sell some PV power plant assets in the second half of the year. Meanwhile, there will be more solar photovoltaic power plant is put into operation.

However, PV projects under construction may not be able to obtain the necessary permit and incorporation for approval, as many PV companies need to face up to the risks.

Suntech downwind clean energy group, two years after the acquisition, gradually recovered, brand establishment again, reconstruction and restoration of global supply network.

Yingli Green energy-related interface told journalists, Yingli is no longer simply the pursuit of shipments now, getting out of debt has become a priority for Yingli. The source said Yingli restructuring are relevant ministries under the leadership of propulsion, a rebirth of Yingli is fast approaching.

Although there is still excess capacity in the industry concerned, but had experienced “life crisis” expansion of PV Giants does not stop on the road.

For two consecutive years as the world’s largest PV modules manufacturer Trina, announced its withdrawal from the MIP (minimum import price agreement), and in 2016, the first official after confirmation by the European Commission, began to pick up in South-East Asia and India distribution. Curves overseas workshop for Europe on the one hand, to avoid “double reverse”, and also caught the rapid development of India and other country’s local market.

Solar uses the chain up and down each other share cooperation, has a stake in Suzhou Crystal silver paste, and GCL silicon wafer production workshop, now in Luoyang started the solar wafer, cell, component, 1GW of the whole industrial chain construction projects. Overseas, in Canada, and Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Brazil, and Southeast Asia amounted to 1500MW capacity layout. Solar also said Southeast Asia to build a 400MW photovoltaic cells production line is expected in 2016 and put into production in the second half.

People in the industry said, according to the Chinese PV industry the expansion projected at hand, Chinese companies may emerge sporadically global hegemon seats will remain for a long time, Korea Korean Chinese, and United States top ten established international giants such as first solar will face more megawatt Chinese rivals.

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