PV solar panels Taipei suspect overheating ignition to be identified in detail

Polaris solar PV net news: hot weather this summer in Taipei as “heat to the purple”, the day before emergence of the second summer high temperatures, a local water treatment plant of hot fire to solar panels above the pool of suspects, the park hundreds of passengers evacuated, and no one was injured in the incident.

PV solar panels, Taipei suspect overheating ignition to be identified in detail (figure)

According to the liberty times report, siyuan Street in Taipei City’s tap water park mansion above the pool water treatment plant, fire at Park South v solar panels above the sedimentation tanks, burning an area of about 400 square meters, a total of 35 groups burned to produce solar panels, preliminary losses estimated at NT $ 3 million (SGD 126,900).

The Taipei City Fire Department the day before yesterday at around two o’clock in the afternoon after receiving notification from the fire and immediately dispatched 14 fire trucks and rescue 44 firefighters, the fire was extinguished in half an hour.

Park officials said parks monitoring found that solar panels after the fire, 1250 passengers were immediately evacuated, and immediately cut off the solar panel power supply, preventing the fire from spreading.

Firefighters after visiting the scene, because the Taipei City when the emergence of the second summer temperature 38.5 degrees Celsius, therefore did not rule out is the result of a heat wave, caused solar overheating, trigger wires on fire. As to detail the cause of the fire remains to be investigated to clarify.

The Taipei water Department pointed out that the structure of solar PV systems, is made up of solar panels and generators and lines, rarely heard of solar panels in the past events of high temperature combustion, so seek professional help to find out the cause of the fire.

At noon yesterday, the high temperature reached 38.5 degrees Celsius in Taipei City, this has been a year since the first day Taipei’s temperature of 38 degrees and above, since for a station meteorological station established in 1896 record for the most. In addition, weather observation over 37 degree high temperature days this year in Taipei for up to 15 days, for the maximum number of days since its station, history is the 14 day of 2003.

Is Taiwan in southern resort town of Kenting National Park, also because the water temperatures maintain above 30 degrees Celsius, nearly a week or maintained at a high temperature of 31-32 degrees Celsius is not retreated, coral mass bleaching occurred, the Park Service says it is one of the most serious since the 1998 El Niño event.

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