Renewable energy development strong Chile power supply price drop 40

Arctic star solar PV network news: Chile President honey snow son-BA Chelay (Michelle Bachelet) in 2013 second degrees elected zhihou, faced Chile economic growth weak, led to governance lackluster, support rate off to 24%, now finally has a items can with national account of achievement, August 2016 Chile for history Shang maximum power supply tender, regeneration due to large can energy suppliers replaced traditional energy supply bid, makes bid electric price ASP more 2015 big drop 40%, Also invested heavily in renewable energy industries, also have eased Chile 2016 economic contraction in the second quarter.

Renewable energy development strong Chile power supply price drop 40%

Michelle ‧ Bachelay after announcement of the bid results, the bid results, determine Chile is on the right path, which Chile people’s pockets is a good thing, on the environment and economy is also helpful.

Chile has become a powerhouse in the international renewable energy companies investing in northern Chile boost energy investment machinery and equipment investment, Chile machinery and equipment investment in the second quarter increase in the same period in 2015 2016 9.7%, up from 1% in the first quarter. Pumping energy-related investment, plus the price is expected to decline, will be expected to contribute to Chile GDP growth potential 2.5%.

Michelle-BA Chelay said the bid power generation plan to be put into construction, will bring a lot of investment, involving a total investment of up to us $ 3 billion, with 3,000 new jobs, so the economy will be good news. Retail electricity prices, starting in 2021, Chile household and small business electricity prices are expected to fall 20~25%.

Priced reduced 40% will have the potential to slow an investment boom, but betting plans have been considerable, will continue to bring investment funds. In addition, Chile abundant renewable resources, global renewable energy costs are also falling, so even if the price reduction, future profits. Chile has the best solar resources in the world, with 3,000-kilometer-long coastline and rivers, very suitable for the development of renewable energy.

The standard case also hit global solar low have price, previously global solar minimum have price for Dubai Yu May of each degrees electric 2.99 cents, about NT 0.95 Yuan, Chile the tender in the, Spain solar developers day package technology (Solarpack Corp.Tecnologica) standard Xia 120MW solar power field power contracts, have price for each degrees electric 2.91 cents, break Dubai of minimum records, about NT 0.92 Yuan.

Original title: the strong development of renewable energy resources, Chile power supply price drop 40%

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