Reply what to do right On line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

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Reply what to do right? On-line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

Reply from on-line to estimates billions of dollars, it only took 24 days! Everyone in the era of knowledge sharing, success brings us what answer?

Friends answer the latest finance see Ji Shisan released messaging, and you should get the latest round of funding, valued at more than $ 100 million.

Reply what to do right? On-line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

Today, amidst business, valued at billions of dollars in finance messages every day, but this is a very simple, partly because it is in the area’s biggest finance exchange experience skills, and admirable reason is on the other hand, the hottest product line is only 24 days!

The friends crowding the screen answered, what really got behind it? Can give us what?

Put aside too much for a company strategic assumptions, not on knowledge sharing economic rise of iteration from the real answer product and operation of complex, we look for products and operations, what are the real inspiration and reference, following is an analysis of personal humble opinion, welcome to disregard this.

Inspiration: cost-minimization lean iteration

Product Director Zhu Xiaohua said according to the reply, answer idea comes from the lightweight knowledge exchange platform for discussions, Ji Shisan wanted to do a voice answers, from determining to do products formally launched, with only a week’s time.

The answer first edition online, very easy and simple, only the most basic questions and listening function, but also a number of bug, but this does not affect the product on-line verification of user needs.

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This minimum-cost shortest time make a feasibility minimizes product (MVP) is a lean core of iteration.

Reply what to do right? On-line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

As shown in the image above, agile iteration should be correct is the smallest possible products of each step, although the first version and a far cry from the last car, but it is possible to scroll the transport.

In business, most of the ideas come from the founder had a Flash, most of the time devoted to validation found user when there is no demand on the market. Limited time and energy to business, validation cycle as short as possible.

With minimal cost to an MVP can help you validate your user’s needs spectrum as soon as possible, if the user feedback is good, and will continue to increase investment, if a user feedback problems, can also be adjusted to avoid more energy waste.

Answer line part immediately invited the team accumulated connoisseur, part of the channel began to release the product because the product itself has some interest, the dissemination of quickly catching on among friends, user’s rapid growth also exceeded the team’s expectations, and fully committed to product iterations.

Reply what to do right? On-line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

After the line, published at least 3 times a day a team basically keeps the rhythm in the update of the new version, this is how to do it?

In addition to lean the iteration of the team beyond the cognitive, there is also a product of choice is the basis for products capable of rapid iteration. A first version of the product form is not a mobile phone-based client, but rather use in the micro-environment of an H5 and completion notification, service, payment and other services.

Rather than develop mobile client, developed based on micro-credit services, there are several obvious benefits:

Low user costs: no need to download the client, open a Web page can be used.

Low cost: iOS, Android client camps develop directly to double the workload, and there are a variety of adapters.

Iterative cost: application does not need to submit new market version, allows users to download and install the update package, direct server-side update completes the iteration, users without iteration.

Developed with H5, greatly reduces the cost of development and iterations, in micro-environments, entry although deep, but the closed-loop notifications and transactions are complete.

Reviled for micro-browser kernel May also have a significant upgrade, product performance based on this more and more. Instant App at Google I/O last month also suggests that future MVP more lightweight product development costs will be lower and lower.

In fine benefits Diego generation this pieces thing Shang, many now excellent of venture company early with fine benefits venture of method validation market are is worth we learning and reference, United States shoes class first big electric business Zappos most began built website Hou no immediately purchase, to validation whether has online buy shoes of needs, they, was Xia single Hou directly to entity shop in bought Hou again mailing to customer; airbnb most began also hanging in online of only founder living room of three Zhang cushion bed; most badly of is 4 billion dollars valuation of Dropbox, First made a video that describes what you want to do service, didn’t do anything of the case, according to video hits first discovered this product will have the user needs, and began developing.

None of these stories are not told us that business in the Internet age, lean as much as possible with the smallest cost for iteration.

Inspiration two: minimize user threshold

Mentioned minute reply, had to say before the answer–in history, comes online more than a year, products go in haste on the surface, actually this year would also be very difficult.

Reply what to do right? On-line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

I am a line of power users, with about 10 experts, also at this year’s online “Squeak” features paid 8 50 questions, I have a list of browsed, I should be using one of the features most users.

Objectively speaking, I like the product, see an expert professional, book connoisseur experience is also very good, by meeting with experts on personal growth are also benefited.

Done a good job in the team’s operations, in the planning of activities from creative, interesting, forced on the grid is also very good, and excellent cooperation, Greek 1 appointment of Chen yan, has gained some popularity in the short term, users accumulate in a year to 1 million, and growing.

But when people ask me about, I have been less optimistic about development, the biggest pain is that–“how active users are not high,” “conversion rate is too low.”

Why a good product experience, operation did look very good product, product is active low, low conversion rate problem?

After all, it is because too few usage scenarios and the use of too high a threshold.

Line 1-on-1 interview is a very low frequency and high threshold, need the following this appointment transactions occur:

Users have big problem you can’t solve

And cannot be found by searching the answer to this question

On line there was an expert in this field

This expert presentation and description of user trust

The experts and users in the same city

Experts and users will have a time

Users are required to pay two hundred or three hundred Yuan fee for appointment

Experts need to know in advance of appointments prepared

Expert entry in the threshold is also very high, starting from application to fill out information, for final passage also need to repeatedly modify and existing expert recommended, in short, become an expert bar very high.

Doing so is right, of course, by keeping the big Lady really qualified. If the threshold is very low, meet at the on line pay hundreds of chat feel unworthy, is a very hurt the user experience thing.

Some of my expert friends say on content requirements is relatively high, often need an introduction to expert content to override, after experts finished for the operations team then modified again to confirm, in general process is very long.

Moreover, in the early line to pay a professional team dedicated to professional photo shoot in the field of photography, the cost is very high.

Conclusion for several reasons, experts to expand the row up is also a high cost, the threshold is very high.

Not only that, but hard to expand to larger Lady, loss, there are many, due to the strength of the coffee on the line is, in itself, because there are already very high, take 2 hours to make an appointment with a stranger makes hundreds of, from expert cost worth while this isn’t a good thing.

Other than the appointment can bring about a certain degree of social, connoisseur of harvest and freshness are diminishing quickly, met several times after the weary, experts will choose offline invisible, out of this platform.

Lady help stop is one or two, for example you are using row about Chen yan was not Greek anymore.

Line pull active cost is very high, often in Festival and meeting with coupons, new registered users have voucher directly interviewed costs 50 Yuan.

Public price due to the need for experts paid appointment fee, so the coupon amount is paid by a company which paid subsidies, by my rough statistics, I spent on this user’s direct subsidy costs about 800 Yuan (holiday offer, introduce friends to sign packages, etc).

If rows from the meeting of experts of the future revenue cut in 10%, to earn back the 800, you also need some 8000 can I earn if I remain curious about love and, I’m almost 2 years to get good at this, visible in the project would profit still has a long way to go.

Active way by the subsidies is valid, but costs are very high, more terrible is that when there is no preferential subsidies when user activity have gone down drastically.

While in the marketing, operations, public relations team has done well, planning many fun activities and even CCTV reported 3 times, is hard to get out of the predicament.

Domestic and similar platforms, such as ask, Lady say, Hi seniors, eight points, role models and so on, are also encountered similar difficulties.

Team is aware of the problem, found online 1-on-1 interview was too “heavy”, and this year began to explore other directions in knowledge sharing in this field, in which general direction has to do “lightweight skill trading platforms”, hoping to gradually reducing the threshold for appointment.

In this direction Xia, row relax has original clinging to of line Xia appointment, opened has national voice calls line Shang chat, through row of user evaluation Shang can see, line Shang language chat of opened and no brings trading of blowout type growth, people seems to also is more willing to accept line Xia appointment of experience way, and in see not with surface of situation Xia phone chat 1 hours on spent hundreds of block, most user also is to accept, in terms chat to light quantitative knowledge share of exploration Shang, cannot said is completely failed has but certainly cannot said success.

Later I received of row beta of “Squeak” function invited, this function I is like of, from original of select expert topic, into has I proposed confused problem, different of expert in above Rob single of way, then terms chat answers, average each problem will has 2-4 a expert Rob single, and attached why Rob single of reason, this as long as money on has expert active up solution problem of feel really of is good.

Ask questions by users, expert Rob single mode the user can ask questions ranging from “expert topics have” become “user-defined” broadened a great deal overnight.

But it also has quite a few problems, such as to enable more expert Rob, the questioner has been slow in selecting experts, caused very bad experience to experts, later iterations to select expert or expired within 48 hours, “Squeak” features you haven’t iteration process, a major events occurred–suddenly blew up.

I guess hot in early April, gave team-inspired products, a more lightweight knowledge sharing can be directly in the micro-environment and knowledge contributor’s knowledge can be used by more people and create more income. Values range from 1.0, however the boom did not last for a long time, the novelty soon decreased rapidly over heat. Short-term hot brush value screen, help educate the market “micro-pay for knowledge” about it.

Answers based on the 2 most important innovations were made–“60-second voice answers” and “eavesdropping benefits questions and answers shared”, these two core changes, changing play of the entire product.

Reply what to do right? On-line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

In the communication on the threshold, see > phone > SMS > micro text > micro-letter voice, answers the highest form of communication from the threshold into micro-they met voice. And, for some “Star” “net red” fans can hear their voices are very cordial and very true, this is the answer why the slogan from “worth paying for voice quiz” to “answer on, to hear him say.”

And more clever is that answer answer length limit of 60 seconds the voice, which has several advantages:

Questions and answers very low cost, easier than typing

As time is short, you should consciously abstract essence

The questioner knows only 60 seconds, do not have high expectations of the depth of content

This 60 seconds limit, can comparable when micro-Bo through 140 word of limit, let originally only some has writing capacity to play turned of blog, suddenly became has everyone are can participation of products, so micro-Bo quickly hot has up; 360 antivirus through reduced paid using genuine antivirus software of threshold, put himself loaded in has hundreds of millions of Taiwan computer Shang; Ann Zhuo system through let phone manufacturers can free using, occupation has phone system of 83.7% share (United States IDC forecast data).

Experience even in balance optimization on the basis of experience, of such threshold lower dividends are enormous.

Reply what to do right? On-line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

A lot of people were respondents in one of the reasons, is include Wang Sicong, Zhang Ziyi, Tong Dawei, Wang Feng, PAPI sauce, presence of hundreds of celebrities like Luo Zhenyu v, which brought huge exposure and attention to the answer.

This must be answered on the contacts and BD did a good job, but did you ever think, same team, which means the same resources, why have so many stars v-platform?

Does is because points answer of threshold really of is low, not need fill information, not need specifically took out time line Xia appointment, just to in debris of of time in, took out a few minutes Bell answered about fans of problem, this pay of threshold basically is is low of, so plus row team has some contacts resources, points answer about star to answered problem, is easy on can expand to many.

Do you own products using high threshold? Industry bar high? Lower the threshold: is there any bonus?: what can reduce the threshold? Think maybe there is a big chance.

Inspiration three: let all the participants win

Knowledge transfer system, has two roles, one contribution of knowledge, one is the knowledge recipient, reply “eavesdropping shared proceeds to ask reply” this skillfully to win two up. Disney iPhone case

First of all, answer questions and answers added pay for this threshold, because of the need to pay for the ability to filter out a number of reach and poor quality problems. I know often received an invitation from some issues, also received a number of questions in the public background, mention some questions are really very bad, not some vague issues, is asking to be able to search for answers.

Because of the questions require a fee question will become more serious, it filters out a lot of relatively Low problem, question-and-answer environment more comfortable. Disney iPhone 6 Case

Money provides respondents with power, even if it doesn’t make much money, knowledge is respected and valuable feeling, too.

Reply what to do right? On-line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

Secondly, answered questions from recipients of knowledge into two roles and eavesdroppers, eavesdroppers can overhear other people’s questions and answers, greatly expanding the scope of knowledge sharing.

In a row before “Squeak” and “big bow” products, question answers are point to point, efficiency of transmission of knowledge is low, if experts facing similar problems, and repeatedly answered, sense of achievement will be reduced soon. “Eavesdrop” feature reduces duplication of respondents.

Most importantly, each eavesdropper’s income by the questioners and respondents were equally divided. Has the potential to earn Hon, contribute significantly to the questioner’s enthusiasm but also reduces the psychological threshold.

As a result of eavesdropping on subsequent revenue, the questioner will actively link share questions and answers to your circle of friends and the letter group, which also brought more traffic to the reply platform, brings more eavesdroppers, but also more answers and questions.

And as a so-called “red build knowledge network”, “lying to make money” knowledge-sharing platform, a variety of knowledge-big v may be to try this interesting product, perhaps in order to let his talent a place on the list, started in personal circle of friends, the public began to promote their answer, two-dimensional code.

Because of these large v is itself in their respective fields of KOL (opinion leaders), they recommend products will make fans eager fans weekday passively receives the push in the article and is now spending about 10 Yuan to appreciate the Hon Lady, maybe it can earn, and many fans began to answer questions.

Question, answer, eavesdroppers that their interests and win-win and mutual benefit, for home users and content ecosystem as a whole since the operation.

Inspiration four: focus on core functions optimization

For partial answers, meet user needs what is the most important process?

Users found himself interested in the expert and problems, and then to ask questions or eavesdropping.

Reply 24 days of the iteration, iteration of the main function revolves around the core, rather than wasting time developing something fancy features.

Reply what to do right? On-line 24 day valued at billions of US dollars

We specifically answered what iteration:

1, list, the new talent list, search, listen, build personal QR code, big v authentication is to allow users to better identify those who are interested.

2, free limited-time free of charge, 6-hour listening to, worth listening to, I listen to, problem-top, selected questions and answers is to allow users to better discover content of interest.

The most limited resources, put at the core of the strategy!

In the process of doing, there have been subsequent imitators follow up; the very fire, will inevitably have more pursuers, how to build in the shortest possible time and user barriers is the most critical strategic choices, at this point you should do very well.


In realisation of knowledge in this area, answer the last month on the many choices, a half step ahead, this fight did well done.

However, future and know how PK, war has just began.

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