Russia road to building a renewable energy economy

Polaris solar PV net news: on April 22, the global 175 heads of State and representatives of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, signed the Paris agreements to fight global warming. Countries of the agreement is intended to limit greenhouse-gas emissions by 2100, global average temperature rise within 2 degrees Celsius compared with pre-industrial levels. Otherwise, according to climate scientists calculate, global climate change will be “irreversible” and that the economy will reach all those trillions of dollars in losses. We are entering a new era, energy has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and now it is gradually transition to large-scale utilization of clean energy from the burning of fossil fuels. And this will lead to a profound change in the energy field. Worldwide the most important task is to figure out how to derive maximum benefit from the coming climate change, and what measures are needed to address this situation.

Renewable energy fast-growing associated with a changing economy project

Energy Department released data that showed that energy consumption is one of the world’s major source of emissions of greenhouse gases, accounting for 40% of the total emissions. At present, the world approximately 23 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere each year, about 700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per second.

Russia is the world’s fifth largest producer of electricity, compared with other countries, Russia’s energy distribution of the balance of the market. Russia 80% electricity production comes from carbon-free energy sources (hydro, nuclear) or low-carbon energy. In contrast, the United States and Germany accounted for the proportion of coal 40%.

2015 energy field of a few things, points out the basic direction of energy. First, the main fuel—coal power plant in the world, is currently in a difficult situation, some of the world’s major mining companies, such as United States private coal producer Peabody into bankruptcy.

Secondly, global renewable energy development investment amounted to $ 286 billion, a record. For nearly a year, construction of more than 60 gigawatts of wind power stations in the world, about 50 gigawatts of solar power stations, hydroelectric plant about 35 gigawatts, total installed capacity exceeds Russia more than half of the energy system as a whole. Prerequisite for the rapid growth of renewable energy is not only relevant to the ecological environment, associated with the change of economic projects.

New technologies and promoting renewable energy prices reduced

Over the years, we rely on some form of subsidy to acquire renewable energy, but due to the massive investment in new technologies, “green” energy prices much lower prices than currently predicted. Last year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that by 2020 will reach 8.9 cents per kWh solar power cost, only one-fourth of 2010.

In June of this year to abuzhabimasidaer future energy company-led consortium bid dibaimaketumu Park Phase III 800 MW of solar energy projects, and 2.99 cents/kWh price hit a new record in the industry, but the price does not benefit from any obvious benefits. Almost better than Russia’s lower retail price one-fourth. Recently Mexico solar and wind project public bidding, eventually won the bid prices are still low, 3.5~6 cents per kilowatt hour, also without government subsidies. This price includes all the costs of construction of the project, and guarantee the return of investment companies.

Recently, Portugal set a new clean energy milestones, from the morning of May 7 this year to 107 hours in the afternoon of May 11, Portugal power entirely from renewable energy supplies, mainly from hydropower, wind, biomass, solar and geothermal energy. In addition to Portugal in addition to other EU countries also have been working to promote mutually beneficial sustainable development, such as Germany, on May 15 of this year Germany announced its energy 85% are domestic electricity provided by renewable energy, it has also caused to the electricity market price situation, and the excess supply of energy exports to neighboring countries. At present, Russia is not like Mexico and Saudi Arabia, in developing wind and solar energy industries (Russia has the world’s second-largest hydropower resources, only 20% are developed using these). At present, the most obvious momentum of energy development is the continuous investment in new energy technologies to promote clean energy price cuts. And in the near future, renewable energy prices may be cheaper than traditional energy sources.

Electric-car maker Tesla company due to the positive development of the green “energy” technologies, has sold more than 2,500 sets of household battery storage system, the system can reserve energy for solar panels on the roof at night, when there is no sunlight can take advantage of these resources. In some winters, the low temperature of the Nordic countries, they are investing heavily in building a clean heating projects, which produce energy without producing greenhouse gases. For example, next year, Finland the first geothermal power station will be put into operation, the power station will ensure Finland’s second largest city Espoo, a source of energy. Current need for development of electrification in heating technology, to get rid of burning fuels are used to produce heat.

Russia building a renewable energy economy based on three points

Russia took an important step in the energy sector, in power after the reform of 30 gigawatts of installed capacity-building projects, power shortage has become the past. In addition, due to the overly optimistic forecasts of energy consumption growth, resulting in excess capacity, resulting in unnecessary spending, and the financial burden to the consumer. However, if you go back to Russia the construction of power plants age, about 60% will find all the power plant was built more than 40 years ago. Over the next 15 years, Russia must radically modernise power plants, or new ones, making it more efficient and cleaner. This is the right time to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy prices, Russia created a new renewable energy economy.

What should we do about this? First, a lot of investment to develop its own technology, although this is cliché. But the mechanism itself should be changed.

Unfortunately, in Russia reality, energy private companies, even large enterprises do not always have the ability to to invest in outstanding research projects. For example, Abakan solar power plant construction, which 55% equipment from Russia produced locally, and we set the polysilicon production (solar cell components of basic material) plants, as well as the inverter Assembly. Here we have more or less abandoned in the world of technology, and everything is going on smoothly. But to be honest, this is a risky investment.

Way out of this situation is to establish a special mechanism to determine prospects for industrial research and technology development. The Agency may include investment interest in energy enterprises, scientific research institutes, manufacturers and finance companies. So that research can get enough funding, strengthen the localization rate, reduce dependence on foreign equipment. As history shows, the real breakthrough technologies than in an academic lab than is produced in cooperation with scientific and practical business.

Second, Russia must enter the green financing market. In 2010 the first issue of green notes, 2015 global issuance of green bonds at a record high, more than $ 40 billion. From a global perspective, this size is not very large. Climate change conference in Paris to talk about the most heated topics, in addition to environmental issues, and discussions of pension funds into the market green bonds, knowing that pension funds have huge financial support. Climate deal after signing bond market or climate for hundreds of times growth. The Group of 20 (G20) are developing new green financial products, and not long ago, Russia Development Bank announced plans to sell green finance bonds. Russia banks should be actively engaged in this process.

Third, in terms of new construction projects and greenhouse gas emissions, need to review the 2035 years ago Russia on the draft energy strategy. At the time of transition to the new technology in the field of energy, Russia needs to build a new high-tech circles, and provides tens of thousands of new jobs. In the area of global renewable energy, we must establish a production, installation, equipment maintenance and other jobs, it takes about 10 million employees, according to current projections, by 2030 the number of employees will reach 25 million people. Among them, the number of people in Russia job opportunities? Realization of these plans will take time, also need to have a certain degree of political awareness. However, history has proven that technology development is not stagnant. 20 years ago, we listened to CD music, the use of pagers, or even given much thought to the emergence of smart phones. Now it has undergone earth-shaking changes. 10 years ago, we also believe that corporate social responsibility assessment of the likely impact on the company’s lending rates. But today, these problems have been solved. Even a little bit of progress, and much better than do nothing, especially in such basic industries, energy.

Original title: road of China and Russia to build a renewable energy economy system

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