Shanxi electric power investment pace that slowly

Polaris solar PV net news: Shanxi province, according to the statistics, the first half of the growth of investment in Shanxi electric power 24.1%, become a highlight in the industrial investment.

Contrast is, power negative growth in industrial added value in the first half, down 3.3%, power 4.5%.

In this regard, the National Energy Board issued by the regulatory Office of Shanxi province, Shanxi power operation analysis pointed out that in the first half, “electricity installed capacity growth, sluggish, affected by the supply side and demand side squeezed at both ends, power generation increased business risks. ”

Data show that as of the end of June this year, the province’s power generation capacity of 72.189 million kW in 2015, released at the end of 2.52 million-kilowatt. In the rapid growth of new installed capacity at the same time and subject to downward pressures, especially in industrial continuous negative growth effects, electricity demand growth is slowing. 1-June 0.13% reduction in electricity consumption of the whole society up across the province, including industrial consumption fell 1.7%. Delivery charge is declined, provincial delivery charge 32.49 billion kWh in the first half, up by 8.29%.

Direct consequences of excess supply side is generating equipment utilization hours reduced. 1-in June, the province’s power generating equipment utilization hours of 1665 hours, down 236 hours. Among them, the thermal power 1817 hours, down to 228 hours; wind 1028 hours, down 23 hours hydro 734 hours, down to 45 hours; solar 439 hours, down 195 hours.

For power companies, power generation equipment utilization hours drop means revenues and profits directly reduced, operational risk also appeared. According to statistics, the first half of this year, 55 provincial dispatching power plants profit of 330 million Yuan, up by 2.211 billion yuan. Among them, 27 companies profit 1.091 billion yuan, 2 companies were flat, 26 companies a loss of 761 million Yuan loss surface compared with expansion of 16.

In a State of excess electricity, continued growth of wind power and photovoltaic capacity installed structural contradictions have become more prominent. At the end of June, the province’s wind power installed capacity of 7.0848 million kW, total capacity of 7.018 billion kWh in the first half, up wind power in 895 million kWh, abandoned the wind was 12.7%. This is the first province to abandon the wind. Because of my province, Fu wind and heating periods overlap, entering in the second half after the heating period, wind power to dissolve will be faced with a more serious situation.

Current installed capacity “not enough to eat” case, there are a large number of units under construction and to be built in the “Tiger”. It is understood that up to now, our province into the planning (for which a flagging) and building coal-fired power projects approved a total of 45, 40.96 million-kilowatt. Where: approved 33 building, 30.06 million-kilowatt; flagging made 12, 10.9 million-kilowatt.

“Facing the excess capacity development, electric power development the plight of weak growth, we should determine and adjust thermal power plant started in scale, appropriate postponed a number of approved power plants, control the rhythm of development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation, avoiding excess generating capacity increased too fast development. “Shanxi regulatory Commissioner Xue Hu calls for national energy Board.

Original title: Shanxi electric power investment pace that slowly

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