Taiwan Taipei public building solar system tender 5 7MW jump

Polaris solar PV net news: Taipei City to implement the “positive development of renewable energy facilities of public space” policy and called on the new Government’s goal of promoting a nuclear-free homeland, held his first public premises set in the afternoon of August 25 solar photovoltaic power generation equipment using tenders, planning to release 261 public roofs available for devices 5.7MW system.

In a bid at a press conference, play in Taipei City Council said it would open all 90 municipal authorities, a total of 261 buildings roof space, for private sector bids, to set up solar power equipment. Equipment after the building is completed, shall be maintained by the firms themselves, the City Government will play “not funded” characters, but you can gain access to vendors selling back gold 10%, also achieving carbon reduction and environmental protection objectives, creation of Government, industry, civil win.

From promotion and demonstration to encourage investment

Taipei City Council, said Taipei City due to natural factors such as climate, energy is rather limited, but solar is evaluated by experts is still viable in the past mainly focused on environmental protection and energy saving, promote demonstration-oriented. As of July this year, northern city a total of 25 bodies, 81 43 schools set PV systems, set 2,144kW, annual output of around 1.95 million, including NT $ 450 million Yuan.

To encourage private inputs, effectiveness and accelerate solar building, the Taipei City Government for business investment for the first time, opened the city’s 90 schools, 261 office buildings, a total of about 190,000 square meters of roof area, for the installation of solar energy systems, is expected to be over device 5,700kW capacity, annual output of 5.2 million, the equivalent of 18,000 home electricity, but also for the 2,700 tonnes of carbon reduction. And municipal in 20 systems charge about US $ 64 million worth of feedback during the operation gold.

Bid bidding scheduled the two separately, eligible companies can download the files from August 22 to September 26 and bidding, selling back gold higher bids. Southern District include: Daan, Chiang Kai-shek, and the Wenshan, Lutheran, Nankang, Wanhua; North include: Zhongshan, Neihu, Shilin, Datong, Peitou, Songshan, respectively, will be the third to fourth quarter of this year opening, and completed tender this year.

Original title: Taiwan Taipei public building solar system tender 5.7MW jump

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