Tesla and SolarCity announced tomorrow or merge

Polaris solar Reuters: Reuters reported on August 1, the sources said, Tesla Motors and solar technology firm SolarCity or will be the fastest local time announced a merger on Monday.

Tesla and SolarCity announced tomorrow or merge

By then, the billionaire Ed long ˙ musk is Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer, the Chairman of SolarCity, as well as the largest shareholders of both companies. Merger agreement is still uncertain, because SolarCity has formed a Special Committee to validate Tesla’s merger offer is not subject to musk and other relations with him are more influenced by key executives.

Sources said Saturday that merger agreement terms are likely to join the inquiry period, allowed SolarCity continues to accept bids from other potential buyers in the short term. But the exact terms of the deal are still not known.

The sources asked to remain anonymous because the negotiations were confidential. In this regard, SolarCity and Tesla’s representatives did not immediately respond to comment requests.

Original title: news that Tesla and SolarCity on Monday announced a merger

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