The data United States solar plant covers an area of

Polaris solar PV net news: United States national renewable energy laboratory NREL United States 147 photovoltaic power generation projects and 25 land area of solar-thermal power generation project survey, results are as follows:


Can be seen from the above table, United States small and medium sized terrestrial photovoltaic power stations per megawatt installed capacity covers 33,600 square meters (about 4.7 football field area), slightly higher than the large PV of 31,900 square meters on the ground. Put it another way, per square kilometer of land can be installed 30 megawatts of small PV power station, 31 MW of large photovoltaic power plant.

If the annual electricity generation 1 million-kilowatt, required for small PV area is 16,600 square meters (approximately 2.3 football fields), large-scale PV needs 13700 square meters. Put it another way, from an annual output per square kilometer, and smaller PV power 61 million-kilowatt time, when large-scale photovoltaic power generation 72 million-kilowatt.


Compared with PV, solar thermal power generation per unit of installed capacity of about 30% higher, per MW of installed capacity needed 40,400 m; capacity of 25 megawatts per square kilometer. However, from electricity generation, solar thermal power stations needed to power 1 million-kilowatt area of 14,100 square meters per year, and photovoltaic power plant roughly equal; when electricity is 71 million-kilowatt per square kilometre per year.

Above covers an area of data refers to the entire range of photovoltaic power plant in the area, not just the PV module covers. According to this data, if we all rely on PV to meet United States demand for electricity (3.7 trillion kWh), the required area of 48,000 square kilometers; United States local area of approximately 7.6 million square kilometers, PV land area required for that is only 0.6% per cent of the total land area.

Original title: United States solar plant covers an area of data: meet America’s electricity consumption 0.6% of the land

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