Thirteen Five distributed PV development building professional development direct

Polaris solar PV net news: on “Thirteen-Five” development of distributed PV recommends:

, Encourage PV project-building, professional development, direct deals

1, encouraged in areas close to the load, in building photovoltaic projects near the power transmission and distribution facilities.

Close to the load: load in large urban and industrial areas in the East and the surrounding areas, according to local conditions, building various forms of low voltage access of distributed in photovoltaic power plants, such as rooftop photovoltaic, photovoltaic, car park road photovoltaic, PV fishing green photovoltaic, PV, agriculture, etc.

Close to the power transmission and distribution facilities: in priority to the construction of PV plants in the surrounding area of substation and transformer. Encourages the use of large, medium and small hydropower stations send water facilities construction light complementary PV power station, encouraging the construction of pumped-storage power plant water light complementary photovoltaic power plant, encourages the use of factory land to build photovoltaic power plant for thermal power plant.

Roof 2, encourage the professional company and manpower resources development of photovoltaic projects, and near the station the photovoltaic electricity sold to users.

3, power system distributed PV market trading pilot in pilot areas or planned energy price have been liberalized within the region or customer, allow purchase and sale are free bilateral contracts, volume, price, deviation of the corresponding settlement terms in consultation, implementation of peak and Valley time, flexible pricing mechanism. Grid for grid-connected PV power plant to provide transmission and distribution services, and charge fees over the net.

Second, promoting the development of electric vehicles and renewable energy cooperative

1, encourage various types of car roof-install photovoltaic, power used to power cars or electric cars electricity, subsidies subsidies according to PV installed wattage.

2, in the city, along the highway as well as tourist areas, selection criteria suitable for parking lot construction PV parking and charging stations.

3, in the city, encouraging rooftop PV powered directly to the charging station. “Full Internet access, some use” model.

4, encourages the Organization through the Internet + EV to provide demand response or development as a virtual power plant, absorptive provides flexibility for renewable resources.

Three, try to explore a few quantitative objectives for 2020 of distributed PV

In 2020, the 80% of the new roof installed photovoltaic auxiliary facilities, about half of them to achieve PV installation.

KW PV City: 100

100,000-kilowatt PV town: 500 or 1000

10,000 village PV or solar community: utilization exceeds the available area of more than 50%.

Solar carport, solar charging station (or use the rooftop photovoltaic charging stations): 50,000 or 100,000

Four, introduced new types of photovoltaic applications standard

PV 1, different types of agriculture, shading rate, frame height of set standards.

2, technical standards of various roof and photovoltaic PV installation conditions.

3, install photovoltaic technology standards in the railway line. Slope protection of photovoltaic, PV roof.

4 install photovoltaic technical standards, high speed red line. Slope protection of photovoltaic, PV roof.

5, inner-city bike lanes or construction of roads elevated roof or flexible bracket PV technology standards. (He Jijiang, Tsinghua University, energy and innovation on the Internet Policy Director of the development research center of the Institute. )

Original title: “Thirteen-Five” distributed PV development: building, professional development, direct deals

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