Tongbai County Henan industry cluster district 100KW distributed PV power generation

Polaris solar PV net news: 100-kilowatt industrial area, tongbai County distributed PV power generation projects for poverty alleviation, tender human industrial area in tongbai County Management Committee, Ding credit in the Agency-run engineering consulting co., Ltd. Construction funds for financial resources, is available for the project tender conditions, national public bidding on the item.

1, scope of project profiles and bidding

1.1 name of project: industrial area in tongbai County 100-kilowatt distributed PV power generation for poverty alleviation project

1.2 project number: TZGC2016-008

1.3 project location: within the industrial area in tongbai County

1.4 project profile and tender scope: industrial area in County level roof, public house and County investment company standardized factory building, 16th floor, the roof (about 2300 square meters), the building 100-kilowatt of distributed solar power projects, including solar panels, combiner box, frame, inverter, mine construction, equipment purchases and the commissioning of the system to completion.

1.5 schedule requirement: the 20th calendar day

1.6 quality requirements: qualified

1.7 section divided: this tender is divided into 1 sections.

2, bidder eligibility requirements

2.1 the tender to all bidders are required to have independent legal personality, and have a valid business license, tax registration certificate, corporate code certificate, and so on, has a good reputation in the community, and in terms of personnel, equipment, security, technology with the appropriate capacity;

2.2 the bidder qualification requirements:

(1) power transmission and transformation engineering contracting three level of qualification and installation (repairing, testing) license premises power facilities and higher qualification;

(2) the proposed project manager electrical grade certified architect certificates and above and have a valid certificate of safety assessment and did not serve in other construction projects;

(3) an enterprise’s financial position is good, no bad debts in good standing;

(4) provide a bribe-free criminal records queries issued by the public prosecutor’s Office informed the letter (business register issued by the public prosecutor’s Office, in principle, must be within the validity period of the list)

3, the application must provide the following information

3.1 legal business license (copy), the tax registration certificate (copy), organization code certificate (copy);

(If the three cards in one, provide a business license);

3.2 certificate (copy), safety production license (copy);

3.3 Project Manager registered construction engineer’s certificate, safety inspection certificate, no building commitment letter (when signing up to the project manager should be consistent with the bid opening, if inconsistent waste processing);

3.4 legal power of Attorney and client ID, bribe-free criminal records queries issued by the public prosecutor’s Office informed the letter (business register issued by the public prosecutor’s Office, in principle, must be within the validity period of the list);

3.5 the project by post-qualification, eligibility is not qualified or do not carry the original bidders according to waste processing;

(Original stamped copy of above documents must be produced, copies of bound)

4, the application date and location

4.1 bidding registration and bidding document availability: August 24, 2016 to August 31, 2016 (except official holidays), 8:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00; location: tongbai trading center for public resources (Pangea in tongbai County Road 300 meters to the East of the intersection with industrial road).

4.2 tender document price 800 yuan each, aftermarket non refundable. drawings of 300 yuan (receive at the tender agent);

5, submission of tenders

5.1 the tender submission deadline and place: see tender documents.

5.2 late delivery or non-delivery of tender documents in specified locations, the tenderer is inadmissible.

6, public media

This also in the China purchase Henan bidding with bid network, the network and the tongbai County, Henan provincial government procurement network, the public affairs network, the tongbai County public resource center published on the Web.

7, contact

Tongbai County public resource center

Contact person: Mr Zhao

Phone: 0377-68822356

Tenderee: industrial area in tongbai County Management Committee

Contact: Gavin

Phone: 13903772109

Tender agent: Ding Yu run engineering consulting co

Contact person: Ms

Phone: 15670677557

The August 24, 2016

Original title: industrial area in tongbai County Management Committee industry cluster area in tongbai County 100-kilowatt tender notice is distributed solar power projects for poverty alleviation

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