Try sharp strengthening overseas business in China selling photovoltaic cells

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the Japan Economic News reported on August 28, entered Taiwan subsidiary of Hon Hai, sharp began to strengthen overseas operations. In terms of main business of photovoltaic cells, as Japan domestic market demand, sharp began to look into the huge Chinese market. Television business in Europe and sold to overseas enterprises, sharp also negotiate with holder on the repo. Sharp hopes to expand overseas business, including white goods, accelerate reconstruction.

Sharp in China has started trial sales of photovoltaic cells for large photovoltaic power stations, take this market survey. PV cells have advantages in power generation efficiency and durability. Hon Hai is also discussed in China to build a sales network. In addition, sharp also decided in Mongolia, the Philippines, and Indonesia 3 construction of large photovoltaic power stations.

Sharp’s solar cell business in the 2015 fiscal year (ending March 2016) appeared in the combined earnings of 18.4 billion yen operating loss. Hon Hai investment before sharp had hinted at a split of the business, but in the end decided to keep it and the implementation of reconstruction.

On one hand, sharp also plans to step up sales of white goods in the Chinese market. Except through the stores, but also discussed methods for distribution of sales direct to consumers from the factory. Company attaches great importance to sharp’s white goods business, consider using sales, including product marketing ways to control costs.

TVs, sharp has been in Europe and the United States respectively sold to Slovakia’s enterprises and China’s Hisense. As the company hope to independent in its television business in Europe and America, so expect sharp since September and brand repurchase issues to discuss. Can achieve buy-back is unclear.

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