Turkey Istanbul energy paradox of power shortages but does not favor PV

Polaris solar Reuters: Turkey energy Berat Albayrak recently confirmed that the country’s largest city, with a population of about 14 million capital Istanbul, may face serious power shortages. However the paradox is, Turkey energy not solar deployment plan. Rather will continue to rely on coal-fired power.

Albayrak said that without immediate invested heavily in power infrastructure update, next 3-5 Istanbul will face serious blackouts. But the State Department does not use solar power as a programme to solve the energy problem.

In April, Turkey the electricity transmission company (TEIAS) 302 MW of large solar projects for bidding. However according to the photovoltaic magazine know, Turkey Government to set up a site for these projects the maximum solar radiation. Since the Istanbul area unable to meet emission standards set by and, therefore, none of these license project in the vicinity of the city.

Albayrak said that within the next few months the Government will open bidding in order to increase the share of coal in the power mix. He believed that coal-fired power in Turkey’s share is only 13%, well below the global average of 35%-40%.

Original title: Istanbul energy paradox: shortages but does not favor PV

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