Why the iPhone 5 photos better

Used on every generation of Apple iPhone’s camera, and have a better performance than similar products. Also 8 million pixels, compared to the iPhone 5 iPhone 4S of their photographic effect is better. Let the camera sensor, lens effects, algorithm analysis of the iPhone 5 photograph excellent reasons.

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Cameras from Sony

Although Apple does not publish primary camera provider, but after foreign websites on the iPhone 5 dismantling found, primary camera on the iPhone 5 with “SONY”, the inference is provided by Sony. Currently phone camera field, Sony to “Exmor RS CMOS” back as type CMOS sensor significantly leading Yu other manufacturers, Exmor r CMOS used has and general method instead, and to no wiring layer of side irradiation light of back irradiation technology, due to not by metal line and transistor of hinder, opening rate (photoelectric conversion part in a pixel in the by accounted for of area proportion) can improve to near 100%.

Why the iPhone 5 photos better?

IPhone 5 camera from Sony virtual reality headset

IPhone 4S/5 is provided by Sony cameras, but the iPhone 4 is OmniVision camera, although BSI was used back-illuminated sensor, but Sony’s excellent liner technology to many. Sony Exmor RS CMOS using “Silicon on insulator (SOI)” substrate, the substrate thickness is only an ordinary CMOS silicon substrates is about 1/30. Substrate is thinner, it first makes CMOS more sensitive (photosensitive better signal/noise ratio high, brings the dynamic range is more powerful), and a thinner liner also helps CMOS module size decreases. Of course cost than other manufacturers of back-illuminated CMOS several times more expensive, though, but still has plenty of high-end mobile phones products selected Sony camera, iPhone 4S/5 that is the case, as well as Samsung Galaxy S2/S3, Sony LT26i, flagship models. In addition, the next generation of Sony’s “Exmor RS CMOS”, using a design by a new generation of integrated back-illuminated, the effect would be even better.

Sapphire Crystal lens

IPhone 5 camera is Sapphire Crystal lens. Equipped with Sapphire Crystal lens, camera photographic effect will become clearer. In addition, excellent hardness of Sapphire Crystal, second only to the diamond in the transparent material, protects the iPhone 5 camera from outside wear scratching.

Why the iPhone 5 photos better?

IPhone 5 with Sapphire Crystal lens

HDR function

In addition to photos of the crawl rate increase 40%, iPhone 5 primary camera and a bright spot: can shoot in low light environments very clear pictures. IPhone 5 to have the HDR (high dynamic range) function, users can render color photos of fuller, richer colors. Dynamic photographs will more clearly than iPhone 4S, image noise reduction processing has been optimized.

Why the iPhone 5 photos better?

HDR image example

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Upgrade of iPhone 5 video effects, optimization, lenses, sensors and algorithms are to some extent, the consolidation of the overall improvement. Compared to some blindly compare pixels, picture quality the overall promotion of more meaningful. For the average user, no need to care much about pixels, iPhone 5, after all, quality upgrades have been completed satisfactorily.

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