Xinjiang or will be published by the end of the PV power station abandoned optical

Polaris solar PV net news: 29th, Xinjiang issued to monitor the ban in late 2016 work plan lists comprehensive, market regulation, industry regulatory offices work plan and special supervision programmes in the second half. Among them, the industry regulator in late 2016 will focus on decentralization of the follow-up supervision, new energy, eliminate regulatory regulatory follow-up management, illegal mining, energy saving and emission reduction work four jobs.

New energy to dissolve regulation includes three projects: 1. the completion of the national “three-North region” new energy to dissolve and interconnection regulatory reporting requirements. (July) 2. According to the new energy market to dissolve the pilot enterprises to discuss conditions, timely organization to complete contract work. (To be confirmed) 3. completed development of Xinjiang regional of the PV power station abandoned optical calculations improve and advice, strive to publish before the end of the Xinjiang region of the PV power station abandoned optical calculations. (The end)

PV power station abandoned optical calculations specific regulatory work programme as follows:


Main monitor in Xinjiang all photovoltaic power plant and electric power dispatching Center abandoned statistical processes and data, identify problems, calculating PV power station in Xinjiang region to abandon proposed management approach.

2. Organization of work

2016 1, complete the investigation and find out the power generation business, the basic situation of power dispatching;

2016 2, drafted by the selection and the drafting of the preliminary work done.

2016 3, seminar of regional power plant, has finished the first draft for comments.

2016 4 formally issued a complete consultation and modification work, strive to complete PV in December to abandon optical calculation management of published work.

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