Yunnan squarely adjusting wind solar price disputes

Polaris solar PV net news: the first pilot area of Yunnan electric power system reform, does not assert its right to adjust transmission and distribution price other than the price, but must be carried out through the establishment of market mechanisms, watch out for specious “market”.

Adjustment arising from the proposed local wind power, photovoltaic power price, price Bureau of Yunnan province, was pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

Recently, a copies name for on sought Yunnan wind electric, and PV power price policy views of feedback of file in industry spread, 15 home enterprise on Yunnan province prices Council on “in national can renewable energy subsidies electric price standard not variable of situation Xia, reference Yunnan province hydropower enterprise average set sold price as Yunnan province wind electric, and PV benchmark Internet settlement electric price” of policy views said strongly against, said its disguised price.

Yunnan Provincial price Bureau also responded through the media, the adjustment of wind power, photovoltaic power generation enough of policy backing to the settlement price, are consistent with the relevant provisions of the law on renewable energy, also in line with the reform of electric power market, but also reduce the burden of social power necessary. If you cannot adjust, massive abandoned wind up will be hard to avoid.

Outcome of the event within a short time that it is hardly. Various people disagree about this, some companies view, some Government, some select muddle and hopes the two sides each other halfway to compromise-do. Someone who asserted that Government is responsive to market requirements, new businesses find it impossible to live energy can choose not to generate electricity.

Irresponsible and biased words, fuel only, not to dispute solved any nutrition. Not find out the facts, it is dangerous to jump to conclusions. Requires a return to basics, get, you should first find out the problem is: the price Bureau of Yunnan province, have the right to adjust the new energy price it?

Enterprise feedback that renewable electricity price was formulated by the competent departments of the State Council, provincial pricing authorities only on wind power and PV on-grid price regulation right, national pricing policy in place, of national renewable energy price shall not be adjusted.

Electricity price in China’s tightly controlled by the State, appears to have been well known, but is very complex. In the context of current reform advancing in the same period, in particular.

View file provided with support enterprise voice. Such as the renewable energy law, renewable energy generation project price shall be formulated by the competent departments according to the different types of renewable energy power generation characteristics and different parts of the case, in favour of the promotion of renewable energy and rational principles. The price law requirements, relevant departments of the local people’s Government or the people’s Governments at various levels shall not exceed power range and allowed to develop, adjust prices or not to implement the statutory price. Last December, the national development and Reform Commission on improving land wind solar power on-benchmarking of the pricing policy of the (the change price (2015) No. 3044) wind was specifically given by different Ziyuan District electricity, photovoltaic electricity price standards.

But it is not without flaws, watertight. According to the latest central pricing catalog, province province, power transmission and distribution and above State-set prices; electricity market trading mechanisms before the formation of province province failed of integrated power grid regulation and above market price of electricity price and the province and the provincial power grid above failed, market prices for electricity sales price and the overall level is determined by the State. At present, China is at a crucial stage of a new electric power system reform, “ordered open competitive link other than transmission and distribution price” is the top priority. Pilot projects to Yunnan as one of the first comprehensive one of nature can act in this regard. Therefore, asserts the right to adjust the new energy price in Yunnan, not completely valid.

Second question is adjusted properly or not? This round of electric power system reform, emphasizing restore power product properties, the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources. Change made by the above prices (2015) No. 3044 article also said that encourage competition in the market, such as through public bidding way onshore wind power, photovoltaic power generation new energy sources such as project owners and price. Common key words are “market” adjustment of Yunnan approach fully reflects the “market”? On the surface, “the utilities average set price” had deviated from the traditional plan pricing models, with market pricing factors. However, extends to wind power, solar power, then the market may have changed.

Whatever the market, market participants should be active as space. Yunnan scenarios, new energy has no active as possible, but depends entirely on the local average prices of electricity trading. Bind the settlement price of peaches on the trading price of vegetables, it seems absurd? Paradoxical market easy to confuse the public, but cannot afford the history test.

As a new energy pricing reference “conventional energy generation”, focus is also disputed. Development price (2015) No. 3044, civilization, onshore wind power, photovoltaic electricity price in the local new benchmark coal price (including desulfurization, denitrification, dust) within part of the settlement by the local provincial power grid; higher parts be subsidized through the national renewable energy development fund. Price Bureau of Yunnan province, “local coal benchmark price” replaced by “hydro average trading price”, is open to question.

All in all, wind power, solar power is the energy transformation of important support policy should be selected so as to promote its healthy development, unable to rush the current oversupply of electricity drops medical service. The adjustment plans to be cautious in Yunnan, or elsewhere to follow suit, with plausible “market” hit with new energy, would be a significant loss of energy revolution.

Original title: Yunnan squarely scenery price adjustment disputes

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