Zhejiang Quzhou 2000 farmers in the roof into the first Golden Roof project

Polaris solar PV net news: scorching, high summer temperatures, many people suffer, Qing Yang village, kaihua County, huabuzhen new Tong Tang on the root face is smiling: “summer photoelectric charges in previous years must hundreds of Yuan this year installed PV power, can yield about 350 Yuan a month on average, annual revenue is expected to reach more than 4,000 yuan! “Tong Tang is the first installation of distributed PV village, kaihua County, using their investment and construction of the roof of 3060 Watts in February this year, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system.

To speed up the construction of ecological barriers, a modern garden city, Zhejiang, in late July, Quzhou city, officially launched the “Golden Roof” PV project of making people rich, at the end of August, as the project of making people rich in culture, longyou, two County pilot counties, 2000 farmers in the roof of photovoltaic power generation’s first “Golden Roof”.

“Thirteen-Five” during, Quzhou city will built 6 a new energy integrated application small town, construction provincial PV power integrated model base, completed rural roof PV construction 160,000 households above, installed 480,000-kilowatt (each households by 3-kilowatt measuring), investment about 3.9 billion yuan, other building roof (containing organ, and enterprise, and business, and school, and hospital,), construction PV 2.6 million square meters, installed 260,000-kilowatt around, investment 2.1 billion yuan.

PV industry in the development of green are then

New energy photovoltaic industry is the city’s strategic emerging industries. In 2015, Quzhou new energy photovoltaic installed capacity of more than more than 200 MW, representing an increase of 800% production capacity after forefront.

Meanwhile, the city’s PV manufacturing industry cluster has begun to take shape. Existing photovoltaic industry more than 80 companies in the city, on Board of which 15 enterprises, output value of 1.902 billion yuan, has formed a complete industrial chain. Since last year, PV enterprises operating rate increased significantly, multi crystalline solar cells, PV modules manufacturer order sufficient, particularly poly-casting and EDM are almost full capacity.

In culture, PV manufacturing wafer production capacity reaches more than 10 million pieces per month, and maintain the momentum continues to grow.

Culture of Zhejiang industrial park Tai-ming solar limited workshop, 5 electro-magnetic chip line firing and fire scenes. “We produced more than 12 million in the first quarter electromagnetic production value reaching 70 million Yuan, an increase of 40%. “” Tai-ming PV “Deputy q.b.Chen introduction, 6th line is under construction now, the order has been released to the second half. It is reported that the first quarter of this year, kaihua County, 10 photovoltaic industry output value of 420 million Yuan, an increase of 96.2%, contribution to the County Planning Board on industrial output growth rate as high as 109.2%.

The rapid growth of PV power generation projects, and accelerate the recovery of the PV manufacturing industry in Quzhou. Meanwhile, provinces and municipalities issued a series of preferential policies for energy poverty, encourage the development of civilian distributed PV, to further optimize the structure of energy, the fight against air pollution, reduce energy consumption, promote transformation and upgrading, have played a positive role.

To encourage units and individuals to build photovoltaic power plant projects, Quzhou electric power to the national grid company to optimize photovoltaic approval process, opening up a green service channels, distributed grid-connected PV system will provide a one-stop access.

In June this year, the provincial poverty alleviation Office issued documents, well-off PV project, proposed for low-income households in accordance with 4-kilowatt per household, each focused on the 60-kilowatt capacity of the standard benefits. One-third subsidies, according to province, County subsidies one-sixth, proportion of farmers from the one-second implementation, Quzhou is expected to 42,500 poor farmers, 404, provincial support for village will benefit.

Quzhou timely introduction of the “Golden Roof” PV project of making people rich, innovation with government guidance, policy funding equity, owners rented roof, investment operations as the main mode of development and construction systems, achieve win-win business and benefit the people.

While, by place country funding enterprise as equity and PV enterprise joint venture, returns by city nongban according to helping requirements and object developed distribution programme, can achieved precision poverty; on the, mobilization society participation to PV new energy of utilization among, housing owners through rental roof made rent returns, enterprise is responsible for investment construction operation, promoted has village independent residential roof or garden, new rural concentrated relocation housing, and housing, building roof construction family PV power system.

It is understood that, kaihua County, has signed with the China power engineering consulting group Corporation, kaihua County, photovoltaic power generation project of the framework agreement for cooperation, has built local businesses roofing 57000 square roof recently proposed Enterprise 4000 square meters.

With green as “media”, according to urban and rural residents, new roofs, roof PV poverty alleviation and construction mode of enterprises such as rooftop PV to advance rooftop PV project of making people rich. This year, the city will invest 620 million yuan of funds to drive 16,000 households and 300,000 square meters of the roof public rooftop PV “Golden Roof”.

Explore the “complementary” new model of photovoltaic power generation

Fenglin town, jiangshan tree village at the foot, a film neatly under the photovoltaic panels, planting crops already began to grow. Agricultural Park in this PV, Xu Chunsheng 50 years old this year and more than more than 10 villagers manage seedlings.

Xu Chunsheng is the tree village, have been their own beans on the hillside behind the House. PV power station was built in the village, he becomes a photovoltaic greenhouse worker, more than 2000 Yuan a month of stable income.

In addition to the “Golden Roof”, Quzhou, in recent years has also been actively exploring “complementary” new model of photovoltaic power generation, help farmers to achieve organic combination of green energy development and people’s livelihood.

The past, although many enterprises are started in Quzhou PV power generation projects, but for “spontaneous use, more than power” of small projects. The past two years, many photovoltaic power for the main purpose of “public power”, are arranged on the design calendar, making the “complementary” possible.

Quzhou land rich in resources, in particular through land consolidation, low Hill slope development in recent years of rapid advance, transferring a large number of usable land for the construction of Nong Guang complementary PV power plant project has created favorable conditions.

Stand on heights overlooking the Qujiang district “Guangsheng PV” project Red Earth, dense distribution of numerous solar photovoltaic panels. Under the photovoltaic panels, purple lisianthus Bletilla striata flower, green is unfurled … … Tall tower of the clean energy flowing into millions of households.

Zhejiang Guangsheng new energy General Manager Zhang Zhujian told reporters, “Guangsheng new energy” solar PV installed capacity of 46 MW power project, is currently the single largest grid-connected power generation within the province of photovoltaic power stations on the ground, running annual average electricity about 50 million degrees. Have been built under the photovoltaic panels, sync planted with white mustard, White Peony root, platycodon grandiflorum, and other medicinal herbs and plants, can further improve land utilization, realization of “complementary”.

At this stage, some advance economic and ecological benefits of PV power projects have begun to appear.

In jiangshan city scene 30 megawatt light complementary terrestrial photovoltaic power station, foot of the mountain standing pieces of photovoltaic panels in the fields, at first glance no end. 833 acres for the planning of the power plant, installed a 120,000 pieces of polycrystalline silicon, annual output of around at 28 million-kilowatt.

“Upper-level photovoltaic power generation, lower layer used to grow crops such as soybean, wheat, tea, instead of additional land, realize the win-win between the photovoltaic power generation and agricultural production. “Local staff told reporters that since the project adjacent to jianglang mountain scenic area, through the cross-border integration, the project was overall into the scenic sightseeing tour routes. Now, in addition to the traditional gains from power plants outside the ground, agricultural output and also available for sightseeing tours, science education and other benefits of development, crop productivity from technological innovation and photoelectric conversion rate gains, substantial increase in the return on investment.

“Complementary” also improves soil fertility. PV project uses the local hilly slope, because land is barren and output rate is low. PV base using “organic manure fertilization, artificial weeding, planting forage” pure ecological cropping patterns, fine management, previously deserted land improved cultivation. View PV base 3 tons per acre organic fertilizer, soil-50 cm, base slope of Ophiopogon japonicus, tea and other crops, land fertility at the same time, to prevent soil erosion.

According to reports, King power station a total of 780 acres of leased land, lease fee is 800 Yuan/year per acre, 270 households with an average annual income of the rent 2300 Yuan. In addition, the station stable employment of 70 local farmers for crop cultivation, 29200 Yuan each farmer’s annual income.

Early this year, Zhejiang Province town of the second batch to create lists is officially, planning area is 3.51 square kilometers and a total investment of 6.5 billion yuan of the valley town, jiangshan list. Says town Valley as “main engines”, further enhancing the provincial modern agricultural parks, speeding up the rural recreational tourism development. Mutual promotion of Chinese herbal medicine garden roof, photovoltaic Street lamp lighting projects, farmers “micro photovoltaic power station” and a number of projects will be launched. The use of solar energy for the local freed up some space, reduces emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and construction of photovoltaic base also formed the new landscape on the ground.

In Fenglin, the clear Lake Township, innovation development model of agricultural complementarity in jiangshan city, building 3 complementary bases, promote the development of photovoltaic industry and modern agriculture integration, implementation on the ground. At present, PV base jiangshan planting Chinese herbs, dry bread, fruit and other crops, not only make full use of the land, and substantially reduce the number of PV modules “heat effect”. Practice of interplanting upland rice under the photovoltaic panels up to 318 kg/MU, Mu output of aquatic rice 77%. PV base plant of Dendrobium, honeysuckle, white mustard, Chinese herbal medicine, Mu receipts amounted to hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

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Photovoltaic industry is an energy revolution, but also the future trend of the development of emerging industries of strategic importance.

By the end of 2015, China PV cumulative installed capacity has reached 43.18 million-kilowatt, become the largest country in the global PV installed capacity. Last year, the national capacity of 15.13 million-kilowatt, one-fourth of the new installed capacity in the world above.

After 10 years of accumulated precipitation and near 5 years of across type development, China PV industry has go to has a key transformation period: while, in air pollution and emissions target pressure Xia, PV industry ushered in has unprecedented of development opportunities; on the, future from substitute energy gradually to alternative energy of process, PV industry will faced other various energy more fierce of competition, market elimination na pressure also more more severe.

National Bureau of energy Director Noor ˙ bekri in the Nineth proposed Solar Forum, the “Thirteen-Five” period, China will add 15 million-kilowatt to 20 million-kilowatt of photovoltaic power generation, continued the strong growth in the world. This development no doubt eat a “psychological boost”, this also means that the next five years, will receive multiple policy support of the photovoltaic industry, through the expansion of distributed-scale, focusing on improving efficiency, cost reduction and other initiatives to improve the competitiveness of the industry chain.

On December 15, 2015, the National Energy Board issued a circular solar energy Thirteen-Five of the development plan draft. Yun-deep behind the numbers, according to the development of draft indicators by the end of 2020, solar power installed capacity will reach 160 million kW, when annual output will reach 170 billion-kilowatt, gross investment of about 200 billion yuan. “PV Thirteen-Five” plan draft submitted, PV enterprises had brought great opportunities, it also brings a better photovoltaic industry development based on greater confidence in Quzhou.

Recently, new energy policy in the area of warm wind blew. “Administrative measures for guaranteeing the purchasing renewable power generation in full” forthcoming, preferential taxation policies continued. In the context of countries to develop low-carbon green economy, “positive policy + technology + good positive environment” for PV industry, geographical and human.

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