2016 in Qinghai province the first common PV scale target projects within the

Polaris solar PV net news: green energy modified (2016), No. 703

Province, Qinghai province, economic and information Commission, State grid electric power companies, municipalities, State development and Reform Commission (Department of energy):

According to national development reform Board, and national energy Council on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views (sent modified energy (2016) 1163th,) and national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV power construction implementation programme of notification (country can new can (2016) 166th,) requirements, I Board on Qinghai province General PV power station project competitive configuration work views (green sent modified energy (2016) No. 635,) for has refinement, research developed has Qinghai province in 2016 bidding within the first ordinary PV scale indicators work programme. It is issued to you, please follow.

2016, in Qinghai province, the first common PV scale target projects within the programme of work

One, bid programming principles


The national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board on improving the PV scale management and the introduction of competitive mode to configure the project’s guidelines (the change in energy (2016), 1163th);

Issued by the National Energy Board on 2016 issued the notice on PV implementation programmes (national new energy (2016), 166th);

Qinghai province PV competitive allocation views (change made by the green energy (2016), No. 635).

2 General principles

Through open bidding competitive allocation of resources, regulate the order of development, improve the quality of development.

To price as the main competition, considering technology, investment, land use, contribute to the local economies in transition, business integrity performance and other factors.

Second, Basic project conditions

1. the project site

Red line project site coordinates provided by the local government, clear construction of land ownership, land type, supply, price, and should be consistent with local land use planning.

2. project scope

Individual project scale 1~10 million kW, subject to provincial energy Board for final approval of the scale.

3. development phase

18 months (since the project from the date of filing to date of all grid-connected power generation capacity of the program). Project could not be completed within the stipulated period and to grid conditions, cancel bid, filing and set aside. Development period in case of force majeure or by mutual agreement of the contract except in other cases.

4. operation phase

According to the final pricing approval regulations (tender calculating uniform at 20). Disposal of expiration of the project by the project company and local energy management consultation (transfer, remove or renew the contract).

5. electricity price

Provided for in the bid price shall not be higher than the national level of benchmark price for PV power generation projects to local Internet. Final approval of the project executed in the bid price.

6. the project company

This item to the winning bidder the winning bidder within 2 months after the notice is issued, should be incorporated in project location project company (separate legal entity), the registered capital of the project company shall meet the minimum established by the State, the project company’s equity structure should be consistent with the programme set out in the tender documents.

7. changes and transfers

During the construction period and after the completion of the project within 5 years, without change of investment and equity, building size and construction sites are the main content. If it proves necessary to change according to the change made by the national development and Reform Commission’s energy (2016) 1163th text related to perform change procedure.

Third, the bidder qualification

1. the bidder must be in the People’s Republic of China registered, with an independent legal personality of the company.

2. the bidder’s financial situation is good, with strong financing capability and ability to pay. As of December 31, 2015, the bidder’s net worth must be greater than the statutory minimum capital investment projects. Participated in project bidding, the aim must be greater than the sum of minimum regulatory capital. If the Consortium bid, the members of the Consortium shares the weighted sum of the net assets must be greater than the statutory minimum capital investment projects.

3. bidders must have in China construction and operation experience and performance of not less than 10,000-kilowatt scale photovoltaic power plant, and the PV power station should be at least 1 years continuous operation.

4.2013 years, bidders on construction of photovoltaic projects in Qinghai province, did not alter investor behavior before production occurs.

5. enterprises exist for the same or different enterprises of the holding, relationship management, shall participate in the same section of bids or the same tender bidding is not divided into sections.

6. bid Shi bid people no in was ordered closed, and bid qualification was suspended or canceled, and property was took over, and freeze, and bankruptcy, state; near three years within institutions no for violation tender bid method, and Government procurement method and the about management provides, by related management sector suspended qualification, and downgraded or revoked qualification, punishment or institutions main head by criminal punishment, case.

7. this project consortium bid, but the consortium must have a real investment in the complex obligations.

8. this bid allows bidders to participate in all sections of the tender.

Four, bid evaluation method

1. evaluation procedure

Bid evaluation by the Evaluation Committee in accordance with established according to law fair, impartial, and open manner according to the provisions of the tender documents. Tender evaluation method is used, sorted by preliminary reviews, detailed reviews, comprehensive scoring program. The review procedure review and standards will be published in the tender documents.

2. preliminary assessment

Includes “qualification examination” and “responsiveness review” of two parts.

Eligibility review. The principal bidders whether they possess the basic eligibility conditions laid down in the tender documents;

Responsiveness review. Major tender bidding documents of whether substantive response to the requirements of the tender documents, whether there is material deviation or reservation, whether the harm the tenderer or the legitimate interests of the other bidders. Primary review includes:

(1) the bidder according to the tender documents for the submission of bid letter, certification; in full, whether bidders submit bid security, validity of the tender and bid bond forms and bid bond content, format, issuance of Bank compliance with the tender document requirements; bidders net assets amount meets the tender document requirements.

(2) whether the Consortium bid submitted as bid invitation documents require the consortium agreement, agreement form, contents, meet the tender document requirements.

(3) whether the tender documents on development and operation contracts, purchasing and selling the main conditions of the contract substantive deviations; tender document technical solutions, design estimates, financial evaluation of whether the feasibility study report depth, tender documents meet the tender technical specifications and requirements of asterisk in the main indicators sign compliance with the tender document requirements of the tender documents.

(4) the proposed project meet the State’s minimum registered capital of the company.

(5) bid is within the validity period specified.

(6) the bid price is higher than the national benchmark for PV power generation projects under the local Internet pricing levels; bid electricity price and financial evaluation report estimates the price are the same.

(7) financial evaluation report and technology report on the outcome of the match.

During the preliminary stage of assessment, and if the bid Committee finds that the bids of the bidders do not have the basic qualifications or substantive bidders submitted the tender documents do not respond to the requirements of the tender documents, the bid will be identified as invalid bid or rejected. Preliminary evaluation results for “qualified” bidder can be integrated into a detailed review and scoring stages.

3. a detailed review

Evaluation of bids, the Committee reviewed the results of the programme on the basis of scoring rules published by bidding in the tender documents (see attached) of each bid proposal is comprehensive.

Five, the determination of the winning bidder

In principle, each section of integrated scoring top bidders the winning bidder.

Six, the bidding result announcement

1. public content and methods

In accordance with the provisions on qualified bidder the winning bidder number, bid for publicity by a two step method of public notice.

The first step: the successful candidate publicity. Bid first by scoring publicity at the end of each section of the successful candidate (top 3);

The second step: winning bidder announcement. As a bidder and ranked first in more than one section, provides principles for selection of the winning bidder on the project publicity. There is no such case, it directly determines the first-ranked successful candidate for the winning bidder and publicity.

2. public media

China’s procurement and bidding website (www.chinabidding.CN);

Qinghai economic information network (www.qhei.gov.CN).

Seven early, required local governments to provide information

For this tender activities and create a fair competition environment and preparation of tender documents makes it easy for bidders to be able to get the necessary data, before the official bids in the project, the tenderer must provide the following information:

1. solar energy resources and related meteorological information (extreme environmental parameters, including floods, etc)

2. topographic and geological data

3. information access system

4. other

(1) PV power station in the preferential policies enjoyed by the local sales tax and extra charges;

(2) temporary land-use fees during construction standard, run permanent land-use fees standard;

5. the contract

On the development and operation of the contract and the purchase and sale contract, uniform standard text should be provided in the tender documents, tender for people to fully understand rights and obligations after winning. Development and operation contract before formal publication, energy audits, selected the winning bidder when the contract is signed, contract according to project specific conditions for the necessary amendments, but shall not alter the underlying principles and the main conditions.

Original title: Qinghai province, Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission on issuing 2016 first common PV scale target projects within the programme of work of the notification

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