2016 North Star Cup top ten brands award PV officially launched

Polaris solar PV net news: every industry needs a leader, through their technical innovation, and drive the development of the industry and photovoltaic industries. Development of the photovoltaic industry has experienced too many double whammy, also experienced the brutal market competition, in such circumstances, people can always find some outstanding corporate figure, they courageously forward, as down as possible, for the advancement of the industry as a whole has played a role model, such companies deserve to be remembered.

Benefit from the support and trust companies in the industry, from 2012, Polaris was successfully held for four consecutive “top ten photovoltaic business” award.

(Previous highlights:

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The demands of the industry’s many PV companies, Polaris solar PV NET open fifth again in 2016 2016 “North Star Cup” top ten brands award PV. This times selection activities aimed at upgrade PV industry and the enterprise of brand consciousness; strengthening PV enterprise of brand construction, and promote PV commercial environment of harmony and sustainable development; promoted PV Enterprise inherited and develop high standards of service level; show PV industry of commercial pattern and international of professional service promoted PV industry of “China brand” construction process, then promote “world brand” of construction; shaping “China service”, and promote “China manufacturing”, active guide PV enterprise reform innovation, Improve an open and fair market competition environment.

In order to fully reflect the public’s participation, public participation, the selected ad hoc network PC port votes, mobile voting, a combination of micro-end vote three ways (including micro-independent accumulation) voting result statistics on users, and will be credited to the final evaluation system. Polaris Marketing Research Center involved in the report, with a view to participating in more detail about problems neglected in the development process, more objective understanding of enterprises in market competition and the short Board.

Award prizes in 8 categories: top ten top ten suppliers of photovoltaic material/accessories brand, brand battery/component suppliers, top ten brand centralized inverters supplier, top ten brand distributed inverter supplier, top ten top ten brand ground power station engineering contractor, PV mounting systems brand suppliers, top ten brand PV power plant operation and maintenance, top ten brand distributed power plant development/contractors.

Award details:

First, selection criteria

1. the company within the last three years through independent research and development, subject, recipient, mergers and acquisitions and other forms, or by more than 5 years of exclusive licensing, its main product (service) of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights;

2. business scope includes the entity, last year sales income of not less than 30 million yuan of the enterprise;

3. the company’s operations for at least two years or more;

4. the company is in a leading position in the industrial chain, business management, science and technology achievements transformation capability of research and development organizations, independent intellectual property right quantity indicators such as growth of the total assets, sales and lead throughout the industry;

5. company in a competitive market, with a non-monopolistic characteristics;

6. the company over a three-year period without any major issues (including security issues, financial issues, credit problems, and so on).

Primary companies volunteered. Polaris solar PV NET selection Committee considers five key measures: the industry leader, innovation, competition and environment-friendly, sustainable development, and harmonious development.

Second, the selection mechanism

1. primary application

Online registration: download or obtain application form from the Polaris solar NET, complete the application form, stamped with the company’s cachet or contract seal has been completed, fax to Polaris solar network.

2. the Organizing Committee considered

Organizing Committee receives the application form will be members of the Organization will award related to the company’s application for approval of intent, selected the 25 companies that meet the selection criteria for each category.

3. the final stage

Group members according to the final results, design and editing the perfect qualification for participating companies, related materials, selected companies formally launched

4. selected cycle

September 18 – September 23 enterprise registration

September 26 – October 14 online voting (12 days)

On October 17 the results, and synchronization on your Polaris strategic media release

Award ceremony in Beijing on November 1

Special Note:

The selected micro-end vote date September 26-30th (5 working days), a top-5 votes

This award is a public welfare activity, activity and votes are free.

Selected Web site: http://Guangfu.bjx.com.CN/ZT/2016vote/

Contact person: Chief Editor Tel: 010-57479881 QQ:791151941

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