About 2016 North Star Cup top ten photovoltaic brand selection statements

Polaris solar PV net news: recently participated in “2016 ‘ Polaris Cup ‘ ten photovoltaic brands” contest (hereinafter “the contest”) of participating enterprises, claims to Arctic related cooperation agency calls received, saying that he could guarantee the participated enterprises entering the contest top 10 and ask for fees to participating enterprises.

Here, the Polaris solar PV NET solemnly declare:

1. this campaign is a public event, the whole process of free participation in the registration, nominated, award-winning companies are not required to pay any fee;

2. Polaris solar network and its corporate units Beijing, volcano power network technology limited company does not authorize any units and institutions as the campaign setting Agency. Pretending to be a Polaris solar network providers in the alleged fraud, we reserve the right to access to justice. While Polaris solar PV NET notice the participated enterprises: to the fee you can get places similar commitment to be on high alert, do not be deceived!

3. in line with objective, fair and impartial, the selection of full open to the enterprises in the industry. We reiterate: by four session of their experience, 2016 campaign non-brush and other frauds, found the system will automatically deduct or appending against the corresponding votes as punishment, and run business within 24 hours will not be able to vote.

Hereby statement!

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Polaris solar PV NET

The September 27, 2016

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