Bankruptcy relief abenge Chile will resume construction of thermal power generation

Polaris solar PV net news: according to people familiar with the matter said, was back from the brink of Spain abenge renewable energy company is planning to resume within the next few months in the construction of Latin America’s first solar thermal power generation project Cerro Dominador.

Molten Salt power plants of capacity 110MW Tower Cerro Dominador and a 100MW solar power projects Atacama1 hybrid solar power Park, in 2014 to start construction of the project, using molten salt heat storage technology, configuration of 17.5 hours long thermal energy storage systems, 24-hour continuous operation. However, in January this year due to the abenge-debt crisis, about 1500 workers were forced to leave from the project site, leaving part of the maintenance personnel.

Construction is expected to recover in the fourth quarter

This person said, thanks to the abenge company’s debt restructuring plan, the company and its partners United States private equity firm EIG Global Energy Partners is planning to restart in Chile North of Cerro Dominador, a total investment of up to $ 1 billion thermal power station. According to people familiar with the matter say, the construction work of the project is expected to resume from the last quarter.

Bankruptcy relief abenge Chile will resume construction of thermal power generation project

Bankruptcy relief abenge Chile will resume construction of thermal power generation project

Figure: Atacama1 project site

Being Chile, Catholic University Professor and Chile Carlos Barria said of the former Chairman of the Department of renewable energy: “Cerro Dominador solar-thermal power project is a landmark project, it combines perfect sunlight and thermal energy storage system, provides an important source of energy for human solutions. ”

Atacama1 solar power Park is located in the world’s hot and one of the most arid regions of Chile desert area in the North, 10600 heliostat installed, the future will be composed of more than 1 km in diameter mirror field. Construction is ongoing in Cerro Dominador solar-thermal plants can be said to be in Chile from dirty fossil fuel power generation to clean and intelligent power model of a flag, and benefit from the vast wilderness resources and the best light in terms of resource, Chile is also expected to achieve global minimum cost of solar thermal power.

Atacama2 thermal power station is expected to continue

In addition to the Atacama1, abenge in Chile planning Atacama2 solar complex project is also expected to move forward, the environmental assessment of the project has been completed, originally should have been started for abenge debt crisis forced delays. As with AtacamaI solar Park, Atacama2 also contains a configuration for 15 hours of capacity 110MW heat storage system of the molten salt solar thermal power Tower project with an installed capacity of 100MW PV power generation projects.

Atacama2 adopted the design of the Atacama1 solar energy complexes, will present abenge company’s innovative heat storage system, the system will be developed by abenge design, these two projects will provide a high level of power peak regulation capacity, 24 hours a day and can provide stable power output and meet the demand for energy over time.

These project light thermal power and photovoltaic energy output will have an integrated management system, which is renewable grid companies that provide ancillary services as a whole has taken a new step.

Original title: bankruptcy crisis eases abenge Chile will resume construction of thermal power generation project

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