Basic situation of PV equipment industry development in Hubei Province

Polaris solar PV net news: in order to find out areas of photovoltaic equipment in our province and the development of equipment manufacturing enterprises, provincial energy Bureau organized a province-wide photovoltaic equipment industry development of diagnostic investigations, related report will provide the basis for further decision-making.

First, the basic situation of the domestic photovoltaic industry

At present, China has the world’s largest photovoltaic cell production capacity. According to the information of China PV industry association, in 2015, China components production reached 43GW, an increase of 20%, global production in 2014 from 68.4% to 71.7% per cent, average capacity utilization ratio of the component to 86%. For the United States, European Union and other countries “double reverse” domestic PV manufacturing enterprises and actively implement the “go global” strategy. According to statistics, at present, China has put into operation an overseas cell and module capacity 3.2GW and 3.78GW, respectively, under construction and expansion of production capacity 2.2GW and 1.9GW, respectively.

In terms of domestic photovoltaic power stations construction: 2009 National started “Golden Sun” and “building integrated photovoltaics” demonstration project 2012 implementation of PV power subsidy price policy, PV manufacturing provinces, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other support encouraging PV power station construction policy, effectively driving the development of PV industry in China. Meanwhile, PV enterprises to strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes at home and abroad, strong research and development efficiency of photovoltaic products, at present, the highest PV power generation efficiency in domestic production.

In policy support aspects: 2012, national NDRC released has can renewable energy development “Twelve-Five” planning, National Energy Council released has solar power development “Twelve-Five” planning; Treasury, and live built Department released has on perfect can renewable energy building application policy and the adjustment funds distribution management way of notification; national grid released has on do distributed PV power grid service work of views (provisional); national NDRC, and national electric prison will released has Programmes on renewable energy price subsidies and CAP and trade law. July 2013, the State Council promulgated the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, around this time, intensive national ministries published a series of supporting policies to support PV industry development. In 2013, the enacted by the PV industry in support of policies to as many as 17, single year introduced so much of the support policies are rare.

Under the guidance of State policies, part of the PV manufacturing industry was relatively developed province, prefecture-level cities, depending on the circumstances, has to promulgate the local incentives.

Second, the development status of PV equipment industry of our province

In 2015, the industry achieved sales revenue of 7.1 billion yuan, of which some 6600 tonnes of polysilicon, ingots, about 200 million annual production capacity of wafer; production cell the solar cell production capacity of about 800MW,2015 years 530MW components 2255MW production capacity (not including projects) 2015 component output 729MW, module production accounted for only 32.33% design capacity.

According to the survey, most technology or new products under development, some companies are planning to build new production lines or production facilities, recent plans to invest funds on research and construction of approximately 330 million Yuan. Which, Wuhan day new technology Corporation and institutions cooperation development building materials type PV component manufacturing and test key technology and the equipment project (863 plans subject), and households with and the new rural micro-energy distributed PV power system development and the application model project; Yichang South glass company and Tianjin University cooperation development electronic level polysilicon project; Hubei Crystal Star Technology Corporation and Wuhan Engineering University cooperation development electronic level two chlorine two hydrogen Silicon project ; Hubei grain in solar energy technology company limited cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, research and development of double glass and 1500V system voltage component, PID-resistant components and other projects; Hubei eternal solar power company limited and the Institute of electrical Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University solar energy Research Institute, among others, cooperation in research and development of MW thin-film Silicon/Silicon heterojunction solar cell industrialization key projects.

Three recommendations, and promoting the development of PV industry in our province

(A) to create a good environment to support business growth

Creating a suitable policy environment for the development of the PV manufacturing industry, and guide the healthy and stable development of enterprises. Under the principle of ensuring fair competition, and create an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, growth and expansion of the external environment to encourage qualified enterprises to play a late-developing advantage and increased investment in technology and equipment, improve product quality and technology. Encourage mergers and joint, with advanced alternative behind, promoting coordinated development of PV manufacturing industry chain, advantage enterprises to emerge, grow into leading enterprises as soon as possible.

(B) encourage innovation, enhance innovation capability and technological level

Actively implementing the national and various policies and measures to encourage innovation in our province, play the driving role of innovation to the industry development and business expansion, encourages innovation with enterprises as the main body. Encourage the combination and joint enterprises, create conditions for building national and provincial key laboratory of solar research and Development Center, and the engineering (technology) technological innovation institutions such as Research Center. Role of universities and research institutions developing advantage, aimed at industry trends and business development needs, with a focus on original innovation and the integrated innovation, a new starting point to create technology and innovation, industrialization to promote PV equipment industry of our province through innovation innovation capability and raise the level of.

(C) enhancing policy support, capacity to play

Our province of silicon materials, components, equipment manufacturing and other enterprises to meet production costs, financing, introduction of talent, marketing and other difficulties, strengthen policy research and policy support, actively solve problems for businesses. Seize the opportunities of electric power system reform, trying to reduce the electricity costs of Silicon material manufacturing companies. Organizations Fund for banks and enterprises and docked with the enterprise, establishing a communication platform to create enabling environment for corporate financing. Practical difficulties for enterprise development, broaden the use of Government funds, play a role of government investment and financing platform, more efficient use of funds. Support businesses through capital markets, financial markets and other means, widening financing channels, reduce the cost of financing. Implementation of the talents introduction policy, support training and introducing talents. By enhancing enterprise competitiveness, promote the capacity to operate effectively.

(D) strengthening services, product certification

Promote the establishment of solar energy industry association and business associations, sound solar upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises in our province’s cooperation mechanism, establish a bridge of communication between the Government and enterprises. Strengthening the Organization and guidance to improve PV manufacturing enterprises in our province to the national standards, qualifications and understanding of product certification, enterprise with relevant agencies to strengthen cohesion and communication, to promote different products and markets, as soon as possible the international certification and national certification of solar products, in order to create the necessary conditions to develop and market.

(E) application to promote the development of manufacturing industries, continue to improve PV manufacturing in our province and capacity

Research reference domestic PV manufacturing developed provinces of experience, optimization and perfect encourages policy, to market needs led manufacturing industry development, to manufacturing needs led technology innovation, formed technology innovation, and equipment manufacturing and PV Application coordination development of benign cycle, encourages guide various investors in construction PV power station project of while, in province within investment construction PV manufacturing project, promoted I province PV equipment manufacturing industry overall competition capacity of improve.

Original title: basic situation of PV equipment industry development in Hubei Province

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