Chile generated 63 MWh solar thermal project ultra low bid price

Polaris solar PV net news: the world’s leading Solar utility-grade solar power project developers Reserve bid a few days ago Chile’s two solar-thermal power generation project Copiapo and Likano. The lowest bid price of one project to $63/MWh (about 0.42 Yuan per kWh), which is the lowest bid price of solar-thermal power generation project in history, refresh the Solar Reserve South Africa Redstone molten salt power plant bid price of about 12 cents per kWh, and almost 1 time times.

“Solar-thermal power generation with its energy advantage can make up for PV caused by excess capacity, even under the price can compete with fossil fuels. “Solar Reserve Kevin Smith, Chief Executive, recently told reporters.

Excess power behind causing PV capacity

On August 17 Chile powered tenders from Spain Solarpack Corp.Tecnologica company with a capacity of 120MW PV power generation projects to win the Chile section of power supply, and $29.10/MWh bid to refresh again the solar minimum bid price. Worth mentioning is that the Government will not provide any price the tender subsidy. Earlier, the Dubai electricity and water authority of outgoing $29.90/MWh PV bid, became the world’s most affordable energy, Chile’s bid broke this record again.

Chile generated $ 63/MWh solar thermal project ultra low bid price

Map: Copiapo solar-thermal power station

Thanks to Chile the Atacama area with quality resources (up to 3800kWh/m DNI ². a), making it unusually bold international PV and CSP developers in tendering, not PV, solar thermal projects also broke $63/MWh, an unheard of price, a price even higher than the current minimum of solar-thermal power generation project lower electricity prices close 1 time.

It is understood that Chile’s two main central power grid and lack of connectivity between the power grids in the North, while other power transmission capability was insufficient, leading to overcapacity of solar energy cannot provide power supply to the lack of power for other areas of the country.

Storage-huge potential for solar-thermal power generation

“Chile of photovoltaic power plants have achieved parity, it needs at this stage is to provide 24-hour electric, solar-thermal power could provide, with energy storage system for solar thermal power plants are better able to meet the demand for electricity. “Kevin said.

Light has many advantages, but in Chile in August to tender, solar thermal projects, no one WINS. According to Bloomberg, the tender has signed a new supply contracts for a total of 1.24 billion KWh, an average price of $45.1/MWh, including 52% of wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects, in addition to photovoltaic, wind power prices are as low as $38.10/MWh, the price for gas $47/MWh, coal-fired power generation $57/MWh, hydropower, geothermal power, price, $60/MWh and $66/MWh, respectively.

It is learnt that the SolarReserve of Copiapo the initial planning of the project is a 260MW of solar-thermal power station 150MW PV hybrid power project, in the assessment of the Chile of the PV market, decided the independent bid of two solar-thermal power generation projects. Solar Reserve the tender Copiapo Tower molten salt solar-thermal power plant investment costs estimated at $ 2 billion, installed capacity of 240MW, duration of thermal energy storage for 14 hours, the bid price is the lowest record for $63/MWh. Another bidding project is a total installed capacity of 450MW likana thermal generation projects, contains three machine 150MW of molten salt Tower project.

“Our latest tenders not including photovoltaic, PV power in Chile’s market is limited. So we bid using our core molten salts of Tower-type solar thermal power station and energy storage technology, we can do less than the $70/MWh price. “Kevin said. Kevin says solar may go back to Copiapo in future projects. “The fact that PV is a subsidiary. On a technical level the project allows the coexistence of two so we could start building a solar thermal power plant, PV economic revenue in the future to join the PV project. ”

Why burst thermoelectric price ultra low light?

SolarReserve’s Chile Copiapo on the bid set an all-time record, the reason there are three;

First of all, Solar Reserve based in the United States capacity 110MW Crescent dunes, Nevada power plant operating experience, and molten salt technology continues to improve, their confidence in optical technology. According to insiders, Crescent dunes quarters running well, capacity higher than expected.

Second, Chile mature local manufacturing enables developers to local sourcing the majority of device components, all of the major raw materials including steel, concrete, glass, pipes, and valves, and electrical and mechanical equipment can be purchased locally, so our equipment cost can be further optimized.

Third, the Atacama region is important for light and heat in salt-producing areas, this is a great factor in development costs.

“Copiapo project may need to 600.07 billion dollars ‘ worth of molten salt, which can be locally sourced, we also save the cost of shipping. “Kevin stressed. In addition, the professional equipment such as Solar Reserve receiver in the United States produced key equipment such as steam turbines, as well as melt-salt pump will also be imported.

Due to Chile’s bid on power plant type restrictions, while renewable energy subsidies were cancelled so levelized electricity costs (LCOE) low priority items will be. “CSP technology is able to prove that it is for fossil fuels at competitive prices,” Kevin said with confidence. “A lot of bid price exceeds the $70/MWh natural gas combined-cycle project, some even more than $80/MWh, with thermal storage for CSP can still compete with conventional energy. “Kevin said.

Kevin revealed that Chile the next stage of the bidding will be conducted in December, Solar Reserve plans to bid for the Copiapo and likano projects.

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