Claims to sell subsidiaries recognize Japan mountain exit polysilicon business

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan polysilicon leading Tokuyama (Tokuyama) issued a press release announcing after the 28th day unit disk decided Malaysia sell polysilicon manufacturing/sales subsidiary of Tokuyama Malaysia to Korea OCI polysilicon manufacturer, exit the solar grade polysilicon.

Tokuyama Malaysia de 100% owned subsidiary, de plans to us $ 98 million (about 9.8 billion yen) price will be the TokuyamaMalaysia sold all the shares to OCI, and is expected to be completed by March 31, 2017 conveyancing work.

Tokuyama and noted that TokuyamaMalaysia after the sale to the OCI, the company will be in the fourth quarter of 2016 (2017 1 March) set aside transfer of approximately 8 billion yen special loss.

To expanded solar and the semiconductor with polysilicon career, de Yu 2009 established TokuyamaMalaysia, and Yu 2011 to in Malaysia built polysilicon factory, but for production equipment occurred technical problem, plus solar with polysilicon city condition sharply deterioration, led to horse country factory series two a annual mention column huge amount derogation loss, so in after multiple assessment zhihou, de resolution will horse country factory recognize lost sold to OCI.

Tokuyama, in 2014, 2015-Malaysia polysilicon plant 74.8 billion yen, 123.4 billion yen impairment loss.

Original title: solar grade polysilicon unprofitable, Tokuyama to identify compensable selling OCI

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