Expert abandon wind up disaster due to poor law enforcement people should start

Polaris solar PV net news: the “Thirteen-Five” period, China wind power, photovoltaic power installed capacity will be further expanded, “abandon wind up” under the background of the growing renewable energy consumers face more pressure.


A wind farm in Central and Western China. Zhao Yun surge information

On September 13, the renewable energy sources act after the Symposium, national strategy for climate change research and Li junfeng, Director of the Center for international cooperation, told reporters about how to solve the “abandon wind up” problem.

Li junfeng said, should return to the “rule of law” point of view, strict implementation of the renewable energy sources Act, if the implementation is not in place, the NPC should start an accountability program.

China new energy subsidy funding gap 55 billion

The renewable energy sources Act clearly stipulates that power grid enterprises failing to complete the acquisition of renewable power, causing economic loss of the renewable energy power generation enterprises shall be liable is punishable by loss of power Enterprise 1 time times the amount of a fine.

Li junfeng to says “implementation process, and no power to call for the appeal, nor any power grid enterprises to be punished. ”

Li junfeng said currently there were large area up wind power, the NPC did not start an accountability program that “the ten years of implementation of renewable food and more to emphasize the rule of law, we proposed to the national people’s Congress, should consider accountability issues. Especially those who do not pass the law enforcement examination questions can be found, can be carried out immediately to the relevant departments of the NPC accountable. ”

Deputy Director of the NDRC’s price Department Yuqiang revealed at the seminar that China new energy subsidy funding gap of up to 55 billion.

In the view of Li junfeng, which is the embodiment of national responsibility and cost-sharing arrangements implemented.

“For example, subsidies are not in place, the NPC can accountability finance and the national development and Reform Commission, which is legal powers,” said Li junfeng, “impunity, legal writing job to no avail. ”

“If a power plant not to advocate (subsidies), is the company’s error; if the industry does not argue that that’s legal problems. “Li junfeng said.

Hangzhou, before the end of the G20 Summit, President XI Jinping of China and United States President Barack Obama to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, deposited its instrument of ratification of the Paris agreements on climate change between China and.

The Paris agreement stated that all parties will strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, the rise in global average temperatures compared with pre-industrial levels within 2 and within 1.5 working temperature control.

Li junfeng, the “Thirteen-Five” actively respond to climate change, a turning point of the implementation of the Paris agreement, the Chinese Government’s commitment, non-fossil energy accounted for the proportion of primary energy consumption by 2020 will reach 15%, 20% by 2030.

Li junfeng said renewable energy developments related to China’s energy transition strategies to implement and achieve the goal of non-fossil fuels in 2020, 2030.

Improving the renewable energy sources Act is imminent

National Energy Board new energy and renewable energy Secretary Zhu ming, speaking in the seminar, said that local governments at all levels, as well as power and energy in the process of enterprise in the development of renewable obligations remain unclear.

“Development of fossil energy, after all, involves the local economic development, including coal miners ‘ survival, non-fossil energy sources and fossil fuels are problems that local governments need to consider. “Zhu ming said.

Zhu ming said, all parties shall strictly implement the requirements of the law on renewable energy, strengthening thing, supervision. In addition, the NPC should assess the implementation of the renewable energy law, and get fully prepared for the amendment.

To promote the development of renewable energy, the renewable energy sources Act is currently established objectives, the total renewable energy mandatory Internet access, Internet access pricing, cost-sharing and special fund five system, but implementation is not optimistic.

Xie Changjun, Deputy General Manager of the State power Group recommended studying Germany’s legislative experience, detailed legal provisions to improve operability, promote stakeholder in accordance with details to follow specific regulations to fulfil their obligations.

Xie Changjun also recommended improving the periodic evaluation mechanism, improve the legal ability to supervise the industry.

“Germany ask the Environmental Protection Department to report annually to the renewable energy law Germany Central Government submit a monitoring report on renewable energy developments, and according to the new revision of the law. Suggested China learn from Germany experience, establish a regular monitoring and evaluation mechanism, so that Government departments, legislative bodies and public understanding of the renewable energy law in the implementation process in the face of problems and challenges, on the formation of the legislative norms of the closed-loop control. “Xie Changjun said.

News from the seminar was informed that the surging, the next step, the NPC will strengthen the monitoring of the implementation of the renewable energy law, and promoting the spirit of the law carrying out timely revision bills, real construction of the renewable energy Act become the fundamental law of renewable energy, promote renewable energy industry healthy and sustainable development.

Abandon wind up the first half of the amount of light and last year

Fans in high winds shut down, photovoltaic power plant in the hot sun “Sun”, became part of the development of renewable energy in China for some time a true portrayal.

A “shoulder” emission reduction mission sunrise industry, from an unknown unknown, to flourish, and then to “abandon the wind up”, only for ten years. Since 2006, since the implementation of the renewable energy law, rapidly growing renewable energy installed capacity in China.

Surging news from the seminar was informed that by the end of 2015, national renewable energy generating capacity reached 480 million kilowatts, accounted for 32% of the total installed power generation capacity. National power structure optimization, thermal power installed capacity share has declined from 75% in 2005 to the current 70%.

In addition, China also has the world’s first new energy product manufacturing capabilities.

Li junfeng, the “renewable energy development from small to large, from scratch, a Chinese minority with strong competitiveness in the world, and boasts the industry. ”

But with the increase of installed capacity over the past two years, “abandon wind up” problem is exacerbated, hampered the healthy development of China’s new energy industry become a “disease”.

National Energy Board data show that first half of the year, the national wind power up to mean abandon wind rate 21%, rose 6%, Gansu, Xinjiang and other abandoned wind “disastrous” abandon wind rate even close to 50% national average utilization hours of wind electricity 917 in the first half hour, down 85 hours; when you wind up wind power 32.3 billion-kilowatt, when the rose 14.8 billion-kilowatt.

Photovoltaic power generation is not immune. According to the national grid, the first half of the national grid company cumulative amount of abandoned photoelectric 3.305 billion kWh, an increase of 91%; abandoned at 12.1%, up 2.05%.

Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission Wang Zhongying, Director of the Centre for renewable energy development believes that such “double-up” the data, means “2016 national abandoned wind up light is equal to the first half of last year’s abandoned wind up light than 2015 as a whole added electricity consumption of the whole society. ”

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