In huoqiu County Anhui Province poverty alleviation Office with regard to the

Polaris solar PV net news: due to statistical error, on September 20 the 2016 2450 poor publicity of PV power station construction programme as follows (increased original 49 poverty-stricken villages a total of 2450 to 2500 units):

Store town Xinhua village, and Tang shop village, and North Rong Xi village total 150 households; Pro Huai gang Xiang Mo shop village, and small village, and Zhang Tai Village total 150 households; Cheng Guan Zhen five in Pier village, and Ze Gou Cun total 100 households; three flow Xiang nine ya Huai village, and song Qiao village, and horse Nan Yuan Cun, total 150 households; high Tang town pay well village, and five in village, and appealing village total 150 households; week town Shuang Qiao Cun,, and Zhu village, and Xue Jicun, and Bonanza village total 220 households; King closure Xiang Wang Loucun, and long macun, and tea West Village, and Zhang Ling village total 220 households; Pro water town Pro water village, and Li Jicun, and Lee floor village total 160 households; city dragonwell looked Lake, and towers village, and Chen Tsui village total 150 households; Shao Gang Xiang Shao Gang village, and Coke bridge village, and pan mouth village total 150 households; households Hu Zhen cloud home village, and moon village total 100 households; Black Dragon town pine Temple village, and Happy Valley village total 100 households; long Tan Zhen zhuwei village, and Chen Peng village total 100 households; madian town saddle East Village, and siping village total 100 households; Fan Qiaozhen Ni Miaocun, and million Qian village total 100 households; Feng Jingzhen Ma On Shan Village, and double Wei village total 100 households; stone shop town Han old floor village, and wide shop village, and Yangqiao village, a total of 150 households in Bai Lian Xiang: Pearl village, bailiancun, XI he Cun, a total of 150 households.

Under poor conditions in villages and towns can be adjusted in the poor village.

In huoqiu County of poverty alleviation and Development Office

The September 21, 2016

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In huoqiu County of Anhui 2016 2450 poor household PV power plant building programme

Original title: on the programme for the 2016 2450 poor household PV power station construction of complementary publication

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