LDK overhaul unchanged save denied Ming reorganization and liquidation

Arctic star solar PV network news: for China PV leading enterprise game dimension restructuring programme temporary change, and “Ming restructuring, and real liquidation” to Bank by claims rate reduced of opinion, game dimension bankruptcy restructuring work management people response said, game dimension restructuring programme does not change, its assets assessment total covers has sinovideo overall assets, and consider has enterprise continued business State Xia of valuation, is strictly according to China enterprise bankruptcy method about provides implementation of.

Among them, in the debt resolution, LDK trustee in bankruptcy reorganization in the country in recruiting hired water Zhiyuan appraisals Ltd on sinovideo assessment of assets. In March this year, LDK trustee in bankruptcy reorganization, convened the first meeting of creditors, preliminary assessment of reported assets worth 12.19 billion yuan. Second creditors ‘ meeting, held in August, asset value ultimately determined to be 7.9 billion yuan.

Property assessment value changes leading to a particular creditor and the media think sinovideo provisional change of its bankruptcy reorganization plan, assess the replacement cost of the liquidation under the conditions of the settlement rate, without taking into account revised after the resumption of production of the enterprise. In this regard, the LDK bankruptcy reorganization managers and heads of evaluation agencies respond that asset appraisal value covering sinovideo assets as a whole, taking into account the valuation under continuous operation.

Zhiyuan appraisals Ltd LDK in the water Song Shuli said bankruptcy reorganization project leader, first announced 12.19 billion yuan of assets evaluation value is the initial amount of sinovideo asset mapping, 7.9 billion yuan for the second release is given to the Sunwell overall assets and the continuous operation of the final valuation after reorganization. If you want to liquidate cash, initial amount will be undermined, the final valuation of the real rate of return will be lower than the second.

LDK bankruptcy reorganization, liquidation, Deputy head, head of law firm Yao Jian said LDK bankruptcy reorganization is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Bankruptcy Act advance; sinovideo without selecting the reorganization to liquidation, in order to better protect the interests of creditors, and to promote healthy and sustainable development of PV industry in China.

Original title: sinovideo overhaul unchanged save denied “Ming reorganization, and liquidation”

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