Light heat price release release what signal

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 1, 2016, the official website of the national development and Reform Commission, in its issue price of an article entitled the national introduction of solar thermal power generation policy of promoting healthy development of friendly renewable news, said the national development and Reform Commission has issued a new benchmark on solar thermal power price policy notice, Authorized solar-thermal power generation benchmark price of 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour, the news immediately detonated in the solar thermal power industry, swept away waiting for price in the industry out of anxiety and unhappiness, solar-thermal power generation market was officially launched.

1.15 Yuan price story

Since September 30, 2015 National Energy Board demonstration project notice since the solar thermal power generation demonstration projects, such as pricing policies, on the CSPPLAZA website specifically designed for this set a timer, for calculating from the demonstration project was launched last year to price official time, today, this timer can finally stop at No. 337 days.

Starting from the September 30 last year, the introduction of solar thermal demonstration project price took nearly a year, but from this industry began to grow in China since the industry look forward to pricing policy has been more than 10 years. But strictly speaking, the incubation time of this demonstration project pricing policy was completed in November 2015 demonstration projects review begins, to the end of August this year.

Looking back in time to November 2015, demonstration projects and review work complete in just over a month’s time, and thus resulted in a recommended price, solar thermal industry when surprised at the efficiency of the relevant Department, and the hope that electricity prices before the end of 2015 is introduced. But no, within the next several months on electricity price policy failed to achieve further progress.

This year 51 after, light thermoelectric price problem official included price Division electric price at of work schedule, May 4, national NDRC price Division led organization held electric price policy seminar, this was considered is government sector began official to determine electric price policy of a active signal, to this year May late, national NDRC price Division has basic determine has this round model project implementation 1.10 yuan of electric price policy.

But this a electric price General below industry expected, and in theory level also not has guarantee model project made success of larger possibilities, for, in then of several week time within, to in the control solar for representative of part selected first model project eventually list possibilities larger of project party through various channel attempts to to upper reflect has this a electric price low of problem, intends through this efforts for light hot industry towards a relative reasonable of electric price.

After several rounds of fighting for national development and Reform Commission agreed to again research on thermoelectric, to ensure that the price is reasonable. June 29-30th of this year, the NDRC pricing Qinghai thermoelectric price Delhi research officials arrived for the first time, this research to adjust electricity prices from 1.10 to 1.15 Yuan to lay a foundation.

In late July this year, the price was determined to rise to 1.15 Yuan, then began to enter the sign posting process, until September 1, officially released the price policy published news, official red tape but has yet to see release.

Release of what signal?

From the official view, you can clear the price applies only to the National Energy Board implemented the first 1GW demonstration project, about the shortlist of 20 demonstration projects had been identified by the National Energy Board, it is expected that the list will soon be formally announced by the National Energy Board, should also include list of published detailed rules for the implementation of the pilot project.

As industry care of national energy Council whether will consulting model project finalists who of construction wishes to decided whether will its into eventually released list this a problem, currently is cannot completely determine, National Energy Council aspects in model project declared started will Shang had said will will consulting, as has too electric price low and gave up of is by follow-up project substitute, but recently also has reliable message said, government level has change this a strategy, eventually list in the contains of near 20 a project has is after optimization out of, Cannot quit in front of substitute quality not so good project, this also means that the level of the National Energy Council would no longer consult the project, if the project does not directly set aside, and how many items will support projects. But according to the CSPPLAZA list of the projects currently available information, 1.15 Yuan price support, the right to abandon the project development project should be minimal.

List not selected for this demonstration project, the project will not be able to enjoy the tariff support in Erenhot renewable energy micro-grid demonstration projects, for example, the National Energy Board approved the implementation of special projects otherwise according to the relevant demonstration projects under construction, is expected to receive an additional round of price support for demonstration projects. In addition, under the previous practice of PV electricity price policy documents, Tibet Autonomous Region, special, solar-thermal power generation projects should be developed in Tibet may be made separately on a single item price policy.

Officials said would encourage the departments of local Government on solar thermal power generation enterprises to take tax breaks, subsidies, green credit, land concessions and other measures, which is consistent with the attitude of the NDRC pricing, Central great fund pressure on renewable energy subsidies, which looks forward to the local level through local policies support the decomposition of the pressure. In addition, 1.15 of the tariff in place below the project final list of selected demonstration projects the average price, if the ancillary support based on local policy, ensure the success of pilot projects to a greater extent.

Officials again in the second paragraph clearly is of a certain size for price supports, rather than all items, and explains the purpose of this is to light thermal power economy to explore and experiment and prevent blind expansion of industry. This showed that Government level not hope heavy repeat PV blind expansion of mistakes, while light hot power of economic sex still save doubts, certainly, this itself also is this round model project development of purpose one of, that through this round project of practice validation, proved light hot power can adjustable can control of stable power property, proved its cost declined of potential, for ten three five 10GW light hot power planning target of achieved lay based.

Another key point is that officials say will improve in due course after 2019 solar thermal power price policy, gradually reducing the prices of new solar thermal power level. Although not directly clear the demonstration projects can enjoy the pricing policy terms, but indirect intent indicate that 2019 to reduce electricity prices. Combined with the reliable sources of information, this demonstration project receive a 1.15 the front is one of the key conditions for price support selected demonstration projects should be completed before December 31, 2018. Previously National Energy Council level has on the time points of set for had research, this time points of set from Government and industry two a angle integrated view, relative moderate, can prevent part model project owners hand project and delay not built, and and in must degree Shang control this stage light hot of general subsidies scale, but this also on project developers proposed has requirements, how in future of 2 years 03 months of time within completed model project construction, and reached acceptance standard, on has technology and project practice accumulation of project party,, Problems are not large, but for lack of preparation in all aspects, project financing and weak integration ability of developers will be a challenge.

Due to the current official release is only a message rather than a formal notification document, we are unable to accurately interpret the release of the policy document for further information, the price of official documents and demonstration projects list and additional implementation details are expected to be announced next week, we will further keep sustained attention and interpretation.

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