National power investment tender ja 2 75GW component into the biggest winner

Polaris solar PV net news: 21st was informed that national power Investment Corporation in 2016-54th pooled (second batch of photovoltaic modules and equipment) the tender for the already released, the ongoing publicity. This tender involving a total of monocrystalline and polycrystalline, double glass and components procurement amounted to 2.75GW, including 36% ja 288MW order became the biggest winner.

Just recently, the ja was awarded by the European authority granted by the market research firm EuPD “2016-Europe’s leading PV brand” and “Switzerland Top PV brands”, “Netherlands top PV brands” and “United Kingdom top PV brands” four awards.

It is understood that the national group in May this year by the China Power Investment Corporation merged with the State nuclear power technology company restructuring of large State-owned enterprises with registered capital of 45 billion yuan, with total assets of 722.3 billion yuan. Its investment in the photovoltaic industry is fierce, so far held by PV exceeds 5GW.

“630” low ebb, PV enterprises increasingly fierce market competition, due to purchasing a large quantity, payment conditions and this attracted many enterprises to participate in the open tender bidding. Finally, apart from the ja, and sunlight energy (178MW) and eging (172MW) respectively about 22% shares of jinko (82MW), Trina (80MW) shared the remaining 20% shares.

Original title: national power investment tender ja 2.75GW component into the biggest winner

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