Photovoltaic industry won a face lost lining

Polaris solar PV net news: in relation to the settlement issue, photovoltaic industry is somewhat lackluster.

From the National Bureau of statistics showed that the first 7 months of this year, national solar power 21.1 billion kWh, an increase of 27.5%. The contrast is, wind power is already beyond, dominates the new energy power generation for the top spot, its generating capacity reached 120.95 billion kilowatt-hours, is almost PV 6 times.

More noteworthy is that in terms of capacity, in addition to being far behind wind power, but even the “almost unknown” biomass power generation, wind power generation, has been catching up with PV, reached 19.24 billion kWh.

In statistics the percentage of total power generating capacity in the proportion of wind power reached 3.7%, solar power, biomass power generation is 0.6%.

In accordance with existing decision making logic, and support the development of PV is nothing more than the following two aspects, promotion of investment in fixed assets, poverty alleviation, economic effects and environmental effects. Both the weighting of their own effects, it might be difficult to equal. But because of the economic downturn causes and effect of investment on fixed assets, is more or less to a certain extent make up for the deficiency of photovoltaic electricity generation.

However, the latest indications, especially in China and the United States before and after the G20 Summit approved climate agreement under the background of Paris, facing the different new energy policies tend to vary, it is worth attention. For wind power, in particular, its much smaller than PV electricity subsidies, and has hit parity, PV will gradually be marginalized in the new energy, needs to cause the industry’s vigilance and attention.

For all new energy in the most closely watched, win more exposure of PV, I am afraid, is facing “won the face, lose Yuriko” awkwardness.

Normal play

Data released by the national statistical office show that in June, solar photovoltaic power generation capacity of 3.3 billion; 1-June compared to 17.5 billion, an increase of 28.1%.

Data, maintaining good growth capacity, particularly in the eastern part of the provinces, the growth rate is even more staggering.

Information net in Shandong province power company showed that first half of the year, Shandong province, photovoltaic power generation (including distributed PV) completion of 1.073 billion kWh, an increase of 238.81%.

Shanghai’s data also showed that in January-June this year, the city’s PV completed 262 million kWh, an increase of 67.7%.

Similarly, data from Hubei Province also shows that solar capacity of 408 million kWh in the first half, an increase of 332 million kWh, an increase of 437.82%.

As data to the Northwest provinces of the power head, first half of five Northwestern provinces of photovoltaic electricity 13.38 billion kWh, total net electricity 4.5%; 611 hours hours, abandon the electro-optical 3.28 billion kWh, abandon rates 19.7%.

The July data, the national output of 3.6 billion in the month, up slightly from June’s 3.3 billion. But if you take into account summer peak the weather, ‘ performance in July was slightly less powerful.

In addition, can also be found by calculation, in 2015, the PV individual monthly average generating capacity of about 2.2 billion, and the first 7 months of this year average monthly power generation is approximately 3 billion degrees, new generating capacity of nearly 10 billion for the year.

For an added an average installed capacity exceeds 15GW of industry, its corresponding new and cumulative capacity compared to total up to trillions of kilowatt-hours of electricity consumption of the whole society, although not negligible, but it does not so conspicuous.

Only investment effect?

In recent years, public information, support the development of photovoltaic elements, both under the background of the economic downturn to stimulate fixed investment, as well as poverty alleviation and industrial structure adjustment of tools and the economic effects of the hand, there are needs based on the increasingly serious air pollution.

Statistics show that by the end of 2015, PV cumulative installed capacity has reached 43GW. If a simple count, in the first 7 months of 21.1 billion kWh of electricity this year as the benchmark, then every 10 megawatts of annual electricity generation is only 800duowanqianwa, Northwest of this generation is only equivalent to some slightly more than half of the power station project feasibility study report.

In the case of electricity could not reach the desired value, only photovoltaic investment effect will gradually be marginalized, and enterprises in the industry. What is more, in the future, with the electric excess pressure, a “disposable light wind” situation, it’s not impossible.

First of all, in the case of wind power installed capacity, the greater, the voice also increases. In Northwest China power grid, for example, first half of 2016, five Northwestern provinces (districts) of new wind power capacity 401,000 kilowatts, as of the end of June this year, the cumulative grid-connected capacity of 37.428 million kilowatts, accounting for 18.7% of the total installed capacity of the whole network.

Secondly, in terms of generating capacity, or in the five Northwest provinces, for example, although abandoned, abandoning wind wind power reached 15.53 billion kWh rate 38.9%, both well above the 3.28 billion kWh of PV and 19.7%, but when its power output still reached 24.4 billion-kilowatt, accounting for 8.2% of the total generating capacity of the whole network. Nationwide, 1 July, wind over nuclear power, at 3.7%.

Moreover, only five provinces in Northwest China reached 15.53 billion kWh in the first half of the abandoned air volume nearly 90% of PV, if simply the pursuit of environmental effects, partially or even completely abandon PV, it’s not impossible.

Therefore, PV is concerned, in the case of electricity does not prevail, how you get more chips, has become a top priority.

Original title: in the competition of new energy, PV will win face losing the lining?

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