Polaris solar network on September 13 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary September 13 news, competition or PV end of subsidies the two-track system will continue, issued under the National Energy Board 2016 PV industry standards (complete) plans, Huhhot 2016 General competitive evaluation results 7 PV projects electricity prices at least 0.76 Yuan per kWh, as follows:

Competition or PV end of subsidies the two-track system will continue

National Energy Board issued a 2016 photovoltaic industry standards (complete) plans

2016 General PV power plant project in Hohhot competitive evaluation results 7 0.76 Yuan to project electricity price per kWh

2016, manzhouli in Inner Mongolia normal PV project index optimization announcement

Yanqing district in Beijing collecting 2016 distributed PV project list of alternative products

2016 41 Zhejiang Yueqing distributed PV projects in the first half by special funds

PV industry needs capital injection industry calls third parties “risk rating”

Strong cutting LDK rectification stalemate depends on compromise

Ji Ruixiang stranded asset reorganization into new energy power generation or resistance

United States 2016 13.9GW new PV installed capacity will be on the line

India complained to the WTO United States illegally subsidising renewable energy industry

10th after the typhoon hit Japan PV power station (photos)

Quake-construction of photovoltaic power stations “Japan sample”

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