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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1.2016-PV, Jiangsu Province “leader” 8 shortlisted projects public

Jiangsu regulatory National Energy Board Office and the stationing of discipline inspection group under the supervision of provincial Commission for discipline inspection, I appointed organization sector specialists and industry experts, in accordance with the qualitative and quantitative methods, photovoltaic “leader” preferred the plan to declare the project review. To the basis of expert comments, combined with the relevant departments to written review comments, proposed Huai an Jin Chen Qiao 100MW Yue Kwong mutual complement photovoltaic power generation project (50MW) and other 8 projects into the 2016-PV “leader” scheme is public.

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2.2016-photovoltaic, Shanghai city construction plan

A few days ago, issued by the Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission issued on 2016 issued the notice on PV implementation programmes, the circular pointed out that Shanghai 2016-new construction size of about 136 MW photovoltaic power generation, including centralized projects up to 40 megawatts of photovoltaic power station roof PV 13.8 MW, distributed PV power generation projects of 82.2 megawatts.

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3. public resources such as fire, wind, light development of Xinjiang interim regulations on public bidding of construction project owner for the selected item

The Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, thermal power and wind power, photovoltaic, and other public resource development interim regulations on public bidding of construction project owner for the selected item on June 27, 2016 12th municipal people’s Government of the autonomous region of the 35th Executive meeting for discussion and adoption, is released, as of September 30, 2016.

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4. issued by the Shanxi provincial development and Reform Commission on 2016 photovoltaic project notifications index

In 2016, the National Energy Board issued PV 700,000-kilowatt new construction in our province. Through this assessment, a total of 30 units in 2016 I province PV annual scale indicator. Works for complete construction of national tasks, the municipal development and Reform Commission to help supervise the projects included in the annual PV implementation programmes to improve operating procedures, early construction, regular grid.

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5. in 2016, tongliao city, Inner Mongolia normal competitive allocation of PV power station project assessment results announcement

, Tongliao city, Lee long engineering management limited by, tongliao city, development and Reform Committee delegate, followed public, and fair, and just and honest credit of principles law formed Assessment Committee, Yu August 29, 2016 on, tongliao city, 2016 degrees General PV power station project competitive configuration assessment project bid report for has assessment review, this times assessment total reported 14 a project of bid report, by Review Committee seriously review, according to project get of scores, now to social publicity assessment results.

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6. the people’s Bank of China, the Ministry of finance and other seven ministries on construction of green finance guidance

For full implement CPC Central Committee State on speed up advance ecological civilization construction of views and ecological civilization reform General Programme spirit, insisted innovation, and coordination, and green, and open, and shared of development concept, implementation Government work report deployment, from economic sustainable development global starting, established sound green financial system, play capital markets optimization resources configuration, and service entity economic of function, support and promote ecological civilization construction, by State agreed, now proposed following views.

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Market review

1. the national development and Reform Commission: new benchmark approved solar thermal power price of 1.15 Yuan/kWh is only available in 2016 and demonstration projects

To promote the healthy and orderly development of the solar thermal power industry, recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued the new benchmark on solar thermal power price policy notice, authorized solar thermal power generation benchmark price of 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour, and clearly these prices only apply to the National Energy Board 2016 implementing demonstration projects.

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2.68 photovoltaic power station (19.5GW) to the Treasury list of sixth issue of renewable energy subsidies

Recently learned that, Finance Minister Lou Jiwei, had signed the sixth instalment of additional renewable electricity price subsidy directory-related files, and will be completed in multiple agencies sign officially released shortly after.

It is understood that entered the sixth batch of subsidy list of projects includes about 680 terrestrial photovoltaic power plants, totaling approximately 19.5GW, as well as for certain industrial and commercial distributed items and more than 10,000 residents distributed PV projects.

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3. PV module recycling policy, China will have a output value of 15 billion dollars is still blank

By the year 2030, China abandoned solar module produces 1.45 million tonnes of carbon steel, 1.1 million tons of glass, 540,000 tons of plastic, 260,000 tons of aluminum, 170,000 tons, 50,000 tons of copper and silicon and 550 tons of silver.

Europe has the most mature supervision system of PV recycling, other parts of the world, there is no provision to force recycling of photovoltaic modules.

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4. “630” PV power cost after accelerated test PV modules tendering new low

“630” (June 30, 2016 solar on-grid prices downward), the reporter was informed that the domestic PV module prices are provided by “630” about 3.8/w before a rapid decline in overall fell by more than 10%, and recently (August 17) second PV module power tender has 3.05/w even low quote.

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5. installing photovoltaic performance of listed companies under the tidal surge “Carnival” be sustainable?

“630 installing surge” of most Chinese PV companies under half year results, investors were blind. However, for early entry into the “Carnival” China PV companies, fears are spreading: installing “low tide”, the stomach has stretched the Giants go from here, how they survive even a grain of rice is not there now days?

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6. abandoned light-breaking predicament, Gansu province, approved the second national demonstration zone of comprehensive new energy

On August 29, the National Energy Board issued on supporting energy create new reply demonstration area, Gansu province. This means that after following the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Gansu province, become the country’s second national demonstration zone of comprehensive new energy.

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Enterprise version

1. mass opposition by its creditors sinovideo bankruptcy reorganization stalemate

According to press reports, the existing restructuring programme manager on 24th hearing the views of the creditor banks, but for the programme adjustment plan is not currently mentioned in the creditors ‘ meeting. At present, a number of creditor banks who say does not agree that the existing programmes.

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2. the continued surplus in the second half remain challenges Yingli debt dilemma unanswered

The industry believes that, in the third quarter shipments “KS”, gross profit margin decline in anticipation of Yingli to remain profitable challenge is huge, a bigger problem is debt. Currently Yingli subsidiaries amounted to 2.057 billion yuan of outstanding medium-term bonds, no outcome of the negotiations with creditors. But the good news is that more than half of the loans have been extended and the fall in interest rates, debt restructuring programme announced specific asymptotic.

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3. GCL proposed 1 billion acquisition of SunEdison final October results announced

The evening of August 28, GCL-poly announced, the company and the United States SunEdison Solar photovoltaic industry giant Edison signed an agreement, with a total cost of about US $ 150 million (RMB 1 billion) bought the company and its subsidiary companies SunEdisonProductsSingapore, MEMCPasadena and Solaicx related assets.

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4. the PV industry a new seat shuffle order

“Silicon components Super League” (SMSL) Member jinko recently issued second-quarter report showed that the solar module shipments in the second quarter in a row ahead of SMSL competition Trina, who sat under the squeeze of a world champion for two years, won the total shipments of the world’s first.

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5.SolarCity Tesla deal wrong accounts $ 400 million was missing from

According to foreign media reports, provides advisory services to SolarCity Lazard Investment Bank (Lazard) parsing errors in the Tesla $ 26 deals, SolarCity was undervalued by $ 400 million.

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6.YieldCo is how SunEdison burn?

Two years ago, SunEdison through the establishment of TerraFormPower the YieldCo subsidiary, turned into a giant buy-out, but none of us would even think of this company in just two years later into the mergers and acquisitions market, “fish”, dice sold separately. Hailed as breaking new energy project development and financing model of YieldCo is how to make the solar giant playing with fire?

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7. sharp plans to enter the Chinese solar market expert do not look good

Japan Electronics giant sharp is preparing plans to enter the solar market in China, to supply large solar power plants in China. But experts say this strategy may be risky.

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Comment article

1. face adjustments in Yunnan wind solar price disputes

Adjustment arising from the proposed local wind power, photovoltaic power price, price Bureau of Yunnan province, was pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

The first pilot area of Yunnan electric power system reform, does not assert its right to adjust transmission and distribution price other than the price, but must be carried out through the establishment of market mechanisms, watch out for specious “market”.

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2.0.61/kWh restructuring wave behind the low prices may be on the way

PV the most lively thing in these two days, than of yangquan, Shanxi “leader” solar PV base bid price–that appear in from new GCL-poly energy Holdings Company 0.61 Yuan per kWh.

At 0.61 Yuan per kWh after this surprises industry prices, will have lower prices in a short time, both component and the price.

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